Beware of Greeks Bearing Advice

According to The Boston Globe, former Massachusetts Governor, failed Democratic Presidential candidate, and John Lovitz-impersonator Michael Dukakis recently traveled to the White House to give Barack Obama the benefit of his wisdom.

“It seems to me there has to be a single message coming from Democrats, from the president on down,” Dukakis said. “We’ve got to pound that message as hard as can from now until November.” … Dukakis said that it was also important for Democrats to remind voters that former President George W. Bush left the country with an increasing deficit.

That was his advice? “Blame George Bush”? I’m sorry to break it to you, Mikey, but I’m pretty sure Obama has already thought of that one. Not to mention that it’ll be difficult for Obama to share a “single message” with the Congressional Democrats, since their current message is “Obama who?”

I wonder if anyone reminded Dukakis of how well he did when he ran against a George Bush? In any event, since Jimmy Carter is spending another day in the hospital after suffering a simple case of air sickness, I guess someone else had to step forward to take the job of Democratic Moron Emeritus.

UPDATE: They’re crawling out of the woodwork: Walter Mondale on how Obama is like Carter (H/T: PJTV)

2 Responses to “Beware of Greeks Bearing Advice”

  1. doppelganglander Says:

    Very funny! Aside from everyone being sick to death of the Blame Bush game, bringing up the deficit at all is just reminding people that Obama tripled it in just one year. What a yutz.

    • RoboMonkey Says:

      Ah, but Dukakis said that George Bush left us with “an increasing deficit” … which means it’s somehow his fault that the deficit continued to increase even after he left office.

      Amazing, the power George Bush continues to exert. Amazing.

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