Yep, She’s Got Convictions

I don’t pay attention to the “popular culture” nearly as much as I should (or, to the extent that I pay any attention to it at all; that might be more attention than I should) so I had never heard of this upcoming movie, Conviction:

This movie, which comes out October 22nd (conveniently before the election), is “about the 1980 Ayer trailer-park murder where Martha Coakley worked hard to put an innocent man behind bars for 18 years. The man’s sister, Betty Anne Waters, put herself through college and law school just so she could personally work to free her brother from prison after Coakley pushed for conviction against him for a crime he didn’t commit.” Martha Coakley (D), Massachusetts Attorney General, is running for re-election this year, and this movie can only hurt her chances. You may remember her as the woman who ran (and lost) against Scott Brown for “Ted Kennedy’s seat” in the US Senate.

“Coakley is afraid because with the movie opening, so close to the election, people are talking about the bad things Coakley has done in the past, on top of the negative feelings many still have of her from January’s campaign … where one of her aides went so far as to push a reporter to the ground when he tried to ask her a question. The hubris, entitlement, and disregard for Massachusetts voters that Coakley showed was stunning … and went a long way towards defeating her, in a race that ended up being not even close.”

And if that wasn’t (well-earned) trouble enough for her, her opponent Jim McKenna is getting help in his campaign against her from some of Brown’s operatives. Coakley, on the other hand, is getting out her brown trousers. (H/T: HillBuzz)

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