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Just FYI

26 July 2017


Immigrant  /ˈɪm ɪ grənt/  noun
1. a person who migrates to another country, usually for permanent residence.

Alexander Hamilton was born in one British colony (the island of Nevis, part of the British West Indies) and moved to another British colony (New York). As this was pre-Revolution, he did not move to “another country.”

The Marquis de LaFayette came to America more than once; but as a visitor, never for “permanent residence.” After fighting in the American Revolution, he returned to France to fight in a couple of their revolutions. He served in the French government, never ceased to be a French national, and he is buried in Paris.

Lin-Manuel Miranda was born in New York City, but his grandparents lived in Puerto Rico – both of which are part of the same country.

I’ll Bet They Rediscover the Homeless Any Day Now

2 December 2016

Amazing how things change. Suddenly, after eight years of being told that it was racist treason to criticize the President, we are once again hearing that “dissent is the highest form of patriotism.” Democrats are suddenly rediscovering the wisdom of checks and balances against an imperial presidency, and regretting the nuking of the filibuster in the Senate. Suddenly up is down, old is new, and everything is backwards. I wouldn’t be surprised if anti-war rallies make a comeback next year after their eight year absence. Even The New York Times has decided to rededicate itself actively investigating and reporting on the president, in a couple of months, rather than just being a brown-nosed mouthpiece for the administration. Whatever could have happened to cause so many people to reverse their stances?


ObamaCare DRECK(tm)

5 November 2013


New Respect on the World Stage

13 October 2012

Introductions: Barack Obama’s popularity, meet Reality (click for full size)

A Strike to Avoid “Unions” and “Labor”?

12 March 2012

It’s not the first time Dems have called for a Lysistrata strategy – remember how they called for liberals to pledge not to sleep with anyone who opposed ObamaCare? – so, once again, the “Progressive” party who haven’t had a new or original idea in years (or centuries, if they’re going back to ancient Greek plays) is calling for a “sex strike” against those evil men who refuse to choose the Constitution over paying for college students to have unlimited sex.

In light of the recent war on women, we are calling for a nationwide sex strike from April 28th to May 5th. All women should withhold from having sex with their partners.

It’s amazing how much stupid is just in those two sentences. The claim of a “war on women” is a downright lie, the one-week duration of the strike shouldn’t hurt anyone who isn’t exactly what Rush Limbaugh said they were, and the “all women should” directive makes the usual naïve leftist assumption that “all women” are leftists who believe and do whatever their leftie leaders tell them to do, being incapable of forming their own opinions or making their own choices – and that all men, on the other hand, are evil oppressors who must be struck against. I don’t think I even need go into the heteronormativity on display.

Obviously, most people are not taking this seriously (if they’ve even heard of it at all), as the comments on their Facebook page show. Any hardcore leftie woman likely to subscribe to this strike probably wasn’t sleeping with social conservatives anyway, nor would most social conservatives want to sleep with the lefties who’d join the “strike”; so, like so many liberal gestures, this one may get them to feel all kinds of clever and superior but will accomplish precisely nothing.

I Knew It Looked Familiar

23 January 2012

I made the above graphic almost two years ago, and I just spotted it (albeit unlinked and uncredited) on (which I peruse every weekday, even if I haven’t gotten around to updating my blogroll in many months). Some might complain about the usage without acknowledgement, but I view it as the second-sincerest form of flattery.

Impossible to Hide the Decline

11 October 2011

(H/T: The Weekly Standard)

Yid with Lid — …Great Britain, which just went through two record cold winters is in store for some more. Scientists are predicting that Britain may be facing a mini-ice age that may last for decades. It’s partly the fault of the La Nina weather pattern… The real cause for this prediction is the Sun. It has been emitting few ultra violet rays (not that you would know by looking at Snooki). …the news about the arctic ice cap may be just as depressing. So far it has been very cold in the arctic this fall, in fact it has been coldest autumn the arctic has seen in over a decade. Because of this cold the arctic has added a Manhattan-sized chunk of ice to the ice cap every 30 seconds for the last 30 days… As our President, the EPA and many other progressives work to slow down the economy with crippling regulations to reduce “greenhouse gasses,” it seems that mother earth does not want to cooperate. …

They Have No Hope, But Change Would Be Nice

10 October 2011

OccupyReality … for a change.

(Image of protesters H/T: Zombie, with the caption “Only at a San Francisco protest could there be a freak so freaky that even the naked guy would look at him aghast”; read “US Military 1 – Occupy Movement 0” for Zombie’s photographs of OccupySF competing with the US military.)


6 October 2011

“Hey kids, let’s read a story about ME!” Ah well, at least he’s not using a teleprompter this time.

Al is Gored Again

30 September 2011

Not only was Al Gore’s latest propaganda gambit watched by few but derided by many, he has once again been caught engaging in deliberate deceit and fraud to back up his moneymaking economybusting schemes: Al Gore doctored a video that’s supposed to prove his global warming theories (H/T: C2). The song and dance continues…

Yo, VP’s gonna kick it

Ice ice melting
Ice ice melting
All right stop collaborate and listen
Ice is melting and poles won’t glisten
Blowing carbon dioxide nightly
Holding my giant hockey stick tightly
Soon it won’t cool even in the fall
Turn off the lights to save us all
To the extreme I’m a prophet to the left wing
Though my massive jets my huge weight is hefting
Come listen to the speaker that bores
I’m washing your brain while your body snores
Deadly when I show Powerpoint slides
Everywhere that I think Manbearpig hides
You need to cut back while I’m gaining weight
Got a massive footprint on my blue plate
If there ain’t a problem I’ll invent it
Check out my book, with the fact I bent it

Ice ice melting
Al Gore says ice ice melting
Al Gore says ice ice melting
Al Gore says ice ice melting


13 September 2011

Democrats: America literally cannot afford them anymore. (Infographic H/T: Roger Kimball, PajamasMedia; caption by me)

Can They Tell Uranus From a Hole in the Ground?

6 September 2011

Jerusalem Post — The Muslim world is in turmoil over the possibility that it may have misread the skies and mistaken Saturn for the moon when it declared Ramadan and its daily fasting over last week, causing the devout to starting feast a day early. Sighting of the new moon crescent has always been difficult and a special Hilal panel, or moon-sighting committee, receives testimonies from veteran Muslim moon gazers that in fact the lunar month is over. Religious authorities in Saudi Arabia declared Ramadan ended last Monday August 29 and the three-day Id al-Fitr festivities could begin. … In Indonesia, there was such doubt that the astronomers and Muslim bodies extended the Ramadan fast for another day and didn’t celebrate the Id until sundown Tuesday. Saudi and Egyptian astronomers, too, questioned the veracity of the moon sighting and issued a statement saying there was no way it could have been sighted last Monday because it had eclipsed before sunset. If they saw anything, it was the planet Saturn and not the moon, the astronomers said. In Saudi Arabia, conservative religious scholars were so galled that their veracity had been questioned they threatened to take legal action for creating the uncertainty… (H/T: Big Peace)

Islamic Death Star

That’s no moon!

How exactly do you confuse the moon with the planet Saturn? Without any special expertise in the matter, and without any special equipment (a telescope, a sextant, a copy of the Quran in case it’s a cold night and I need to burn something for warmth) I guarantee you that I could the tell the two apart. Maybe they should have asked someone from NASA for advice; after all, NASA’s main job these days is keeping Muslims happy. (Anybody could have built Bill Clinton’s bridge to the 21st century; but it takes our Community Organizer in Chief to build a bridge from America to the 7th century.) Then again, Ramadan is all about fasting; and what could be faster than ending a month a day early?