Ding Dong, the Bitch is Dead

I’m sure everybody (even Adolf Hitler) knows by now that Osama bin Laden is dead, dead, dead. I for one couldn’t be happier… for a variety of reasons.

First, I’m glad the bastard is dead. Some may have complained that his death was “too quick,” but any other suggestion just isn’t reasonable. Torture him first? Try to take him alive so that Eric Holder can hold his trial in New York City and get him released on a technicality? Just kill him and be done with it. I don’t begrudge the fact that he body was treated “in accordance with Islamic beliefs”, meaning that he was buried (at sea) within 24 hours of death – Yes, I’m sure we’d all prefer that he were buried in a shroud of bacon; but isn’t that just a waste of good bacon? I’m not sure exactly what they meant to accomplish by granting him this “honor”, but hey. As long as he’s not merely dead, but really most sincerely dead, we can afford to be magnanimous.

Secondly, I’m quite happy to see the lack of a groundswell of conspiracy theories surrounding the event. During Bush’s presidency his opponents frequently implied that he knew exactly where Osama was, and that he was just waiting for the right time (before his reelection in 2004, when his polls numbers hit rock bottom or he had a story to distract the media from) to capture/kill bin Laden for personal political gain. If Osama had been killed during the Bush presidency, regardless of the time and details; the media, academia, and left-wing blogosphere would have been abroil with innuendo and lies. Regardless of who gets the credit, I’m glad to see more maturity among the circles within which I move – For the most part, we’re just all happy to see him dead. Can I say “dead” again? A tingle goes up my fingers whenever I type the word… Osama is dead, dead, dead… (This must be Chris Matthews feels all the time since 2008.)

Third, I’m not surprised at all to see how upset this makes the “Arab Street” around the world, regardless of the “burial in accordance with Islamic beliefs.” (Did anyone really think that would matter to the America haters?) Many eyes were opened (albeit not permanently in too many cases) by the dancing in the streets (from the West Bank to Patterson Fucking New Jersey) on 9/11 when the planes hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Look at the groups who are upset that we killed Osama – HAMAS, Pakistanis (Who could not have been ignorant of his presence!), DailyKOS… these people are the enemy. Stop giving them cash, assistance, or credibility.


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  1. David Torres Says:

    Great blog! enjoyed it and i agree 100%. God Bless the USA.

  2. PaladinPhil Says:

    Hey there RM, are you having issues with C2 as well? I have fired off an e-mail to DC, but I think RB should know as well.

  3. Fenway_Nation Says:

    Too bad it wasn’t the agonizing porcine-induced rectal trauma like I had him going in the dead pool, but dead is dead….

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