He’s Lucky Cartman Didn’t Make Him Eat His Own Parents in Chili

ZGeek — A Virginia man was sentenced Thursday to twenty-five years in prison for trying to help a Somalia militant group and threatening writers of the satirical South Park television show for their depiction of the prophet Mohammad, the U.S. Justice Department said. A federal judge in Virginia handed down the sentence for Zachary Chesser, who pleaded guilty to making threats, soliciting others to threaten violence and material support to the group, al Shabaab. Chesser admitted he ran numerous websites and called for violence against Americans. In one instance he published the home addresses for the writers of South Park after they lampooned Mohammad and he urged readers to “pay them a visit.”

Apparently this guy wasn’t important enough to have his prosecution scuttled by the DOJ in order to advance “muslim outreach.”


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  1. artist Says:

    He’ll be the token prosecution the DOJ uses to ‘prove’ they are not soft on going after Muslims…

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