Obama Kiss of Death

Not only are the candidates for whom Obama campaigns losing, but he even endorsed the losing Superbowl team. The “Obama Kiss of Death” has become a joke or cliché among many bloggers, who are pleased to hear that the President is going to campaign for Senator Reid (D-NV) – right after Obama pissed off Las Vegas for the second time – because that just adds to the odds that the unpopular, ineffective, and downright idiotic Senate Majority Leader will lose big.

Unfortunately, it’s not a joke anymore when the “Obama Kiss of Death” becomes the literal truth. Not only is he, along with the Democratic Congress (including the so-called moderates who have shed their sheep skins), trying to destroy the health care (and thus, the health) of America (and various rich and politically-connected Canadians and other foreigners who can’t get prompt and proper care under their own socialist coverage), but he has frozen HIV spending in Africa. Even egotistical moonbats like Bono and Bob Geldorf have had to give George Bush credit for the lives he saved in Africa (and the Africans give him credit, too).

“George W. Bush is a hero in this country,” said Peter Mugyenyi, who heads Uganda’s Joint Clinical Research Centre, a leading AIDS treatment clinic. Uganda received 929 million dollars (678 million euros) from PEPFAR between 2003-2008 and used much of those funds to provide some 150,000 people with Antiretroviral therapy.

Apparently, the Obamessiah who was supposed to heal the world and make them all love us again has found a new continent to screw over. Currently, the only continent on which he has yet to reduce America’s prestige is Antarctica. Give him time.

2 Responses to “Obama Kiss of Death”

  1. Fenway_Nation Says:

    But if you talk to certain husky, pony-tailed bloggers (at 56? not a good look!), W giving all that aid to Africa was bad….because….well, it was W and it was ‘unscientific’.

    The cynic in me is thinking that very same pony-tailed blogger is trying to re-write his blog’s history over the last 8 years for the benefit of the hypercondescending neo-Koslings that have inundated that very same blog…..but that would be pretty cynical, wouldn’t it?

    • RoboMonkey Says:

      I recall certain people trying to slam W’s aid to Africa… Typical paternalist (some even said “raaaaacist”) bastards who think they know what’s better for the Africans than the Africans themselves. The biggest problem the pony-tail and his posse had with W’s aid, IIRC, was that it wasn’t paying for enough condoms and abortions — how dare that W not reduce the overabundance of brown people!

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