Obama’s Invite to GOP

Obama, reeling from the election of Scott Brown (R-MA) and the loss of the Democrats’ filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, has finally come up with a new con: a bipartisan summit with the GOP, televised, where they can discuss a compromise. (The GOP’s idea of a compromise is to trash the behemoth currently locked away in Reid and Pelosi’s offices and start from scratch, but that will never happen.) Some see this as an obvious trap.

But it’s more than just a trap, and a chance for the Dems to do some CYA PR against “The Party of NO”. It’s a joke and a scam, because the House ans Senate Democrats are continuing to hammer out their final, reconciled bill; the bill with absolutely no Republican support or input, and nothing the Republicans say or do at this “summit” will change that bill. (It can’t, because even the slightest change would destroy all of the compromises, back-room deals, and bribes that have gone to build that house of cards bill in the first place.) “The President has made it clear that he’s adamant about passing comprehensive reform similar to the bills passed by the House and the Senate,” one official said. That being the case, why should the GOP play this snake oil peddler’s game? At the very least, they should lay down ground rules for the summit which include NO TELEPROMPTERS. See how well the Wizard of Uhs does with his PR attack then.

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