Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco

I haven’t seen it, but people (or, to be more accurate, leftists) have been complaining about a new show called Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Zombie has responded with a collections of photos from the Zombie archives called Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco. (Warning! Not safe for work, and not in a good way!) These are all pictures taken by the undead one in San Francisco, and provide yet another timely reminder of what used to happen when dissent was still considered “the highest form of patriotism” by the left (a philosophy when ended the very second Obama was sworn in), and also of what hateful, angry protest (complete with swastikas and death threats against President Bush) really look like. Photos like this never appear in the mainstream media, since leftist protests are always sanitized (and the numbers exaggerated) while conservative protests are endlessly denigrated (and the numbers understated) if they’re even reported on at all. Not for the weak of stomach!

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  1. RoboMonkey Says:

    Update: “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” set a new ratings record for TLC – at “5 million viewers… The first episode of the eight-part series was the most-watched program launch in TLC’s history.”

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