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A Strike to Avoid “Unions” and “Labor”?

12 March 2012

It’s not the first time Dems have called for a Lysistrata strategy – remember how they called for liberals to pledge not to sleep with anyone who opposed ObamaCare? – so, once again, the “Progressive” party who haven’t had a new or original idea in years (or centuries, if they’re going back to ancient Greek plays) is calling for a “sex strike” against those evil men who refuse to choose the Constitution over paying for college students to have unlimited sex.

In light of the recent war on women, we are calling for a nationwide sex strike from April 28th to May 5th. All women should withhold from having sex with their partners.

It’s amazing how much stupid is just in those two sentences. The claim of a “war on women” is a downright lie, the one-week duration of the strike shouldn’t hurt anyone who isn’t exactly what Rush Limbaugh said they were, and the “all women should” directive makes the usual naïve leftist assumption that “all women” are leftists who believe and do whatever their leftie leaders tell them to do, being incapable of forming their own opinions or making their own choices – and that all men, on the other hand, are evil oppressors who must be struck against. I don’t think I even need go into the heteronormativity on display.

Obviously, most people are not taking this seriously (if they’ve even heard of it at all), as the comments on their Facebook page show. Any hardcore leftie woman likely to subscribe to this strike probably wasn’t sleeping with social conservatives anyway, nor would most social conservatives want to sleep with the lefties who’d join the “strike”; so, like so many liberal gestures, this one may get them to feel all kinds of clever and superior but will accomplish precisely nothing.

Halfway There

13 January 2011

The Foundry — …the newly elected governors of Ohio, Oklahoma, Maine, and Wisconsin have all decided to sue the Obama administration in hopes of stopping Obamacare. Specifically, Gov. Mary Fallin (R) of Oklahoma has announced that the Sooner State will pursue its own case against the law, while Govs. John Kasich (R) and Scott Walker (R) (of Ohio and Wisconsin respectively) will add their states to Florida’s multi-state suit. And yesterday, newly sworn-in state Attorney General William Schneider announced Maine would also join the the Florida litigation. That brings the number of states on the Florida suit to 23 and the total number of states suing to stop Obamacare (which includes Virginia and Oklahoma) to 25. (H/T: Weasel Zippers)

Yes, We’re Serious

14 December 2010

Last year, Nancy Pelosi was asked by, “Where specifically does the Constitution grant Congress the authority to enact an individual health insurance mandate?” Her response was a repeated, incredulous “Are you serious?” Her press spokesman, Nadeam Elshami, later added that “You can put this on the record. That is not a serious question.” She was far from the only Democrat who openly didn’t worry about the Constitution or thought that it was wrong, denied that there were any restrictions upon what the federal government could do, or admitted that the Democrats “make up the rules as they go along“.

Well, guess what: A federal judge in Virginia ruled Monday that a key provision of the nation’s sweeping health-care overhaul is unconstitutional, the most significant legal setback so far for President Obama’s signature domestic initiative. (H/T: Weasel Zippers) It turns out that the Constitution does matter, it does say what it clearly appears to say, and there are people who still care about it. Obviously, it ain’t over until it (and/or the other state suits) reach the Supreme Court; but remember, if even part of ObamaCare is ruled unconstitutional, the whole thing might collapse since the three zillion pages of legislation apparently don’t include the standard severability clause.


An Appeal to Repeal

10 November 2010

According to Florida Attorney General-elect Pam Bondi (R), a majority of states (at least 26, possibly 28) are now joining the suit challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare. (video H/T: Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit)

Ace of Spades points out that if ObamaCare’s mandate is found unconstitutional, that may cause the entire bill to be struck down.

The interesting thing about the bill is that it apparently doesn’t contain a severability clause, which usually states “notwithstanding any provision of this act being found unconstitutional, the rest of the act shall continue to be in force” … which means it operates by the old-fashioned default rule that if any part of a law is found to be unconstitutional, the entire law is unconstitutional.Ilya Somin notes this is not some Hail Mary longshot, but a genuine question that just could go our way. (emphasis added)

One other thing to watch is whether or not Obama’s former solicitor general, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, recuses herself from any future ObamaCare decisions.