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Happy Birthday Israel, and Many More!

9 May 2011

I Hate That Bumper Sticker…

23 November 2010

…however, it works if you chop off the first two characters and just keep the “exist” part.

Israelis Try To Start Their Own Tea Party

5 November 2010

PajamasMedia — The turnout at its inaugural rally wasn’t great – only 100 activists showed up – but Israelis displaying piles of tea bags and “Say No to Obama” signs were still an unusual and interesting sight. The newly anointed Israeli Tea Party movement has adopted the symbols of the American Tea Party movement to express their dissatisfaction with both the Middle East policy and the economic philosophy of the Obama administration. But the focus of the inaugural event was addressed to both Washington and Jerusalem – it was a call for the U.S. president to stop pressuring Israel on the issue of renewing a settlement freeze, as well as a message to the Israeli government to resist that pressure. Said Likud MK Danny Danon, a member of the group of Likud activists behind the Tea Party initiative: “We are here today to send a very clear message to Mr. Obama: Stop bullying our prime minister!” …

This is not too surprising a development; after all, one of the defining things about the American Tea Party is their aversion to government pork.