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5 November 2012

Twenty, twenty, twenty-four hours to go
The day we’ve long awaited
What else to do
Tell Barack “Screw you!”
And he will be deflated

Just get me to the ballot
Put me in the booth
Hurry hurry hurry
It’s the moment of truth
Can’t cope with the hopeless
Debt upon our youth
Oh no, oh no, oh no…


Twenty, twenty, twenty-four hours to go
They all will be berated
MSM cries
And Obama’s lies
No, he was not misstated

Just get me to that station
Look at my ID
Hurry hurry hurry
I want to remain free
You can tell Joe Biden
This is a BFD
Oh no, oh no, oh no…


Arming Mexican Drug Cartels

7 February 2012

(to the tune of “Mexican Radio” by Wall of Voodoo)

I’m on a mission from Eric Holder
Because Obama is getting bolder
I throw the guns into my K-car
I gotta work underneath the radar
I tell the sellers, let ’em buy it
And whistleblowers, don’t you try it
Fast and Furious, the DOJ
Won’t testify what I did today

I’m arming Mexican drug cartels
I’m arming Mexican (don’t tell!) drug cartels

I’m working for the Democrat goal
Trying to prove the need for gun control
Need to find guns at the crime scenes
And the ends justify those means

I’m arming Mexican drug cartels
I’m arming Mexican (don’t tell!) drug cartels
I’m arming Mexican drug cartels
I’m arming Mexican (don’t tell!) drug cartels

I wish I could be overnighted
To where I can’t be extradited
Don’t want to answer the Congressmen
We’re gonna stonewall them again
I hear them talking law and order
US guns found south of the border
Know what they’re thinking, can they show it
What did we know, when did we know it?

I’m arming Mexican drug cartels
I’m arming Mexican (don’t tell!) drug cartels
I’m arming Mexican drug cartels
I’m arming Mexican (don’t tell!) drug cartels

Drug cartels, what the Hell?
Drug cartels, what the Hell?

I’m arming Mexican drug cartels
I’m arming Mexican (don’t tell!) drug cartels
I’m arming Mexican drug cartels
I’m arming Mexican (don’t tell!) drug cartels

Drug cartels, what the Hell?
Drug cartels, what the Hell?

A Song For #OccupyWallStreet

14 October 2011

Of course, I’ve got my own set of lyrics for this tune…


Al is Gored Again

30 September 2011

Not only was Al Gore’s latest propaganda gambit watched by few but derided by many, he has once again been caught engaging in deliberate deceit and fraud to back up his moneymaking economybusting schemes: Al Gore doctored a video that’s supposed to prove his global warming theories (H/T: C2). The song and dance continues…

Yo, VP’s gonna kick it

Ice ice melting
Ice ice melting
All right stop collaborate and listen
Ice is melting and poles won’t glisten
Blowing carbon dioxide nightly
Holding my giant hockey stick tightly
Soon it won’t cool even in the fall
Turn off the lights to save us all
To the extreme I’m a prophet to the left wing
Though my massive jets my huge weight is hefting
Come listen to the speaker that bores
I’m washing your brain while your body snores
Deadly when I show Powerpoint slides
Everywhere that I think Manbearpig hides
You need to cut back while I’m gaining weight
Got a massive footprint on my blue plate
If there ain’t a problem I’ll invent it
Check out my book, with the fact I bent it

Ice ice melting
Al Gore says ice ice melting
Al Gore says ice ice melting
Al Gore says ice ice melting

People Will Say That We’re At War

31 March 2011


Why do they write up stories of war misusing their free speech?


Why do the people all disagree, outside our reach?


Listen right here, we can make it clear what we will do
Here is the gist, a practical list of quotes for you…
Don’t tell it to them straight
FOX News is gonna hate
Find something the press can relate
People will say we’re at war!
Don’t say we’re sending arms
Just peaceful guided bombs
Find something in their bitter psalms
People will say we’re at war!
It’s a kinetic thing
Just loud sounds those concerts bring
Don’t disagree with your King!
People will say we’re at war!


How Can We Bring The US To Sharia?

16 March 2011

This is a song I wrote today to the tune of “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria,” from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music… My second parody this week.



14 March 2011

Given all the panic and hyperbole in the media about the nuclear plants in Japan (I’m expecting CNN to report, with a straight face, the increased likelihood of Godzilla attacks caused by the radiation), here’s an explanation from someone who knows whereof he speaks:

I have been reading every news release on the incident since the earthquake. There has not been one single (!) report that was accurate and free of errors (and part of that problem is also a weakness in the Japanese crisis communication). By “not free of errors” I do not refer to tendentious anti-nuclear journalism – that is quite normal these days. By “not free of errors” I mean blatant errors regarding physics and natural law, as well as gross misinterpretation of facts, due to an obvious lack of fundamental and basic understanding of the way nuclear reactors are build and operated. I have read a 3 page report on CNN where every single paragraph contained an error. …
Josef Oehmen PhD., MIT

(H/T: Soylent Green, which also has another piece entitled “Because the Greens Will Further Demonize Nuclear Power” about different types of reactors, and why we should be using thorium for nuclear fuel.)

Update: Some Democrats want the USA to “put the brakes” on nuclear power. (H/T: C2) (more…)

Winter Wonderland

11 January 2011

Global warming went away because not enough of us believed in it and clapped our hands. Or is that Tinkerbell? I always get those two confused.

Oh the climate outside is frigid
But their doctrine remains rigid
So since they claimed the cold would go
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

It doesn’t show signs of stopping
And the spinners’ heads are popping
Now the hidden decline will show
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

When we finally read your mail
How your numbers were jumbled and cooked
Your con job is doomed to fail
As the world learns the way they’ve been rooked

The hockey stick has gone flatter
And Al Gore keeps getting fatter
So until the sunspot count grows
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

(Apologies to Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne)

Dedicated to the TSA

29 November 2010

This song was written, recorded, and animated by my wife in a single morning. God, I love her. Like the last one, it’s “dedicated to the drooling perverts of the Transportation Security Administration.”

Presenting… Sing Along With Airport Security!

18 November 2010

I wrote a song about it, wanna hear it, here it goes…

(To the tune of “Touch Me” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.)

UPDATE: And my wife wrote another song!

The Union of the Snake

9 April 2010

According to The Plum Line (H/T: Hot Air), the SEIU (the purple-shirted union thugs who were being bused to town hall meetings to rough up anti-Obama protesters) is starting a third party in North Carolina, as a “shot across the bow of Dems” who just aren’t sending this country to socialist hell in a handbasket fast enough to suit them.

SEIU officials setting up the new party, called North Carolina First, are currently on the ground collecting signatures to qualify as a state party, SEIU officials tell me, adding that there are around 100 canvassers on the ground right now. The goal: To have the party up and running so candidates can run in this fall’s elections. It won’t be lost on political observers that three House Dems who voted No on reform are from the state: Heath Shuler, Mike McIntyre, and Larry Kissell. The new project is an outgrowth of SEIU’s earlier vow to hold House Dems accountable for voting against health reform and against labor’s interests in general.

Don’t the labor unions get to keep their expensive “Cadillac” health plans? So the only way in which destroying everybody else’s health care is in “labor’s interests” is if it forces more and more people to join unions in order to get a health care plan that actually, you know, cares for their health. In any event, vagabond trader over at The Blogmocracy referred to them as “The Purple People Beater Party”, which inspired me to pen this ditty (apologies to Sheb Wooley):