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A Strike to Avoid “Unions” and “Labor”?

12 March 2012

It’s not the first time Dems have called for a Lysistrata strategy – remember how they called for liberals to pledge not to sleep with anyone who opposed ObamaCare? – so, once again, the “Progressive” party who haven’t had a new or original idea in years (or centuries, if they’re going back to ancient Greek plays) is calling for a “sex strike” against those evil men who refuse to choose the Constitution over paying for college students to have unlimited sex.

In light of the recent war on women, we are calling for a nationwide sex strike from April 28th to May 5th. All women should withhold from having sex with their partners.

It’s amazing how much stupid is just in those two sentences. The claim of a “war on women” is a downright lie, the one-week duration of the strike shouldn’t hurt anyone who isn’t exactly what Rush Limbaugh said they were, and the “all women should” directive makes the usual naïve leftist assumption that “all women” are leftists who believe and do whatever their leftie leaders tell them to do, being incapable of forming their own opinions or making their own choices – and that all men, on the other hand, are evil oppressors who must be struck against. I don’t think I even need go into the heteronormativity on display.

Obviously, most people are not taking this seriously (if they’ve even heard of it at all), as the comments on their Facebook page show. Any hardcore leftie woman likely to subscribe to this strike probably wasn’t sleeping with social conservatives anyway, nor would most social conservatives want to sleep with the lefties who’d join the “strike”; so, like so many liberal gestures, this one may get them to feel all kinds of clever and superior but will accomplish precisely nothing.

Where There’s a Will

6 January 2011

Politico — Elizabeth Edwards left everything to her children and made not a single mention of her philandering husband John in the will she signed just days before her death. … Elizabeth and John Edwards separated in early 2010 after he admitted to fathering a child in an extramarital affair with Rielle Hunter. … (H/T: Hot Air)

Really? She didn’t mention him or give him anything at all? At the very least, she could have given him…

The Party of Tolerance!

3 August 2010

“I lost more friends becoming a Republican than I did becoming a woman,” said Susan Kimberly, former Democratic man from Minnesota.

The Whole Gore-y Story

24 June 2010

There was some comedy and mockery, at least in the right-wing blogosphere, after the announcement that Al and Tipper Gore were planning to separate after forty years of marriage. Even though something very serious must have happened to allow Tipper enough motivation to achieve escape velocity from Al’s enormous mass, the rest of the world (particularly the MSM) accepted at face value the statement that the divorce was not in any way the result of any infidelity or cheating – even though some of us wondered why they’d be so quick as to rebut an accusation which nobody had made if there weren’t an underlying reason… But, since the Goracle is the beloved of the mainstream media, you would certainly not expect to see any speculation or actual reporting coming from them. After all, it’s not like he’s a Republican or anything. So, naturally, it was left to a media source with more integrity and credibility than the MSM – The National Enquirer – to break the news:

AL GORE has been accused of sexually attacking a masseuse in Portland, Oregon – and is named in the official police report about the alleged assault, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively! The bombshell story will appear in the new issue of The ENQUIRER and will include the secret police documents, a photo of the woman making the stunning charges and will reveal the shocking details about the pants she saved as evidence!

Some were quick to discount or ignore the story, just as they did when the Enquirer broke the John Edwards story. However, the woman involved has recently spoken out about the 2006 incident (police report), which was reopened in 2009 (interviews and police report), so the Enquirer is vindicated again. (If only they could finally produce that love child of Elvis and Bigfoot.) It goes without saying that there had to be plenty of people in the media and in political circles who were fully aware of all this, and that it is only Nobel Prize Winner Al Gore’s prestige among the left-wing intelligentsia which has kept it a secret for so long. With Republicans, if a scandal like this doesn’t already exist, the MSM can sometimes be relied upon to make one up.

(NSFW Image) (more…)

When Leftwing Worlds Collide

16 February 2010

There’s an old joke about why groups like PeTA tend to focus more on people wearing furs than people wearing leather – because it’s safer to throw a bucket of red paint on a rich old lady than on an angry biker. Well, apparently PeTA has taken that mockery to heart, even if they’re ignoring the continual mockery of each and every single other thing they do. Last month, in a blatant example of “be careful what you wish for”, PeTA asked the leather community to remove its clothes:

Between the ASGRA gay rodeo and leather weekend, the gay community ensures that D.C. will experience an influx of both chaps and animal rights activists at least twice a year. … “We hope that when people see how easy it is to look sleazy without wearing leather, they’ll be sympathetic,” says Dan Mathews, who is gay and Director of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). “It’s easy to have a look that kills without killing.” A handful of PETA activists braved subfreezing temperatures and arctic-like wind chills to encourage Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL) Weekend participants to eschew their animal-based ensembles. To showcase what they view as a viable alternative to clothes made of cowhide, the activists were dressed in “Pleather” jackets, skirts, pants and hats. One activist wore a cow suit and held a sign that read “Fashion Victim: Leather is Dead Skin – Think About It.” “It’s the 21st century,” says Kayla Worden, campaign coordinator for PETA…

It’s the 21st century, and yet they’re still using their old circus sideshow techniques to try to make a point. Actually, it’s arguable whether or not PeTA has ever made a cogent point, or convinced someone to change their minds (as opposed to simply preaching to the choir); but they don’t care, as long as the money keeps rolling in from brain-dead celebrities who want to look like they “care” about “issues”. Still, going after a bunch of guys wearing leather, carrying whips, and whatnot is more courageous than PeTA usually is; but the gay community is not likely to heed their message. First of all, you’re talking about a group of people who are very particular about their clothes (see the wrap-up at the end of the article, below); and second, the gay community and PeTA have a history of conflict, given PeTA’s opposition to all animal testing, including that required to research AIDS medications.


The Latest Liberal Pledge

31 January 2010

The latest idiocy from “Rock the Vote” is a pledge to “flirt with” but “not fuck”, anyone who is against ObamaCare. They’ve gone from blue states to blue balls. Pajamas Media has a great article, “ObamaCare Rocks the Dolt Vote“, and here’s a clip from FOX News on the movement (or lack thereof):

Among the many, many reasons I’m mocking this not-as-funny-or-edgy-as-they-think-it-is idea is that, first of all, my wife is as free of Obamessiah brainwashing as I am; so I’m not risking anything by continuing to oppose a hostile takeover of our health care which will drive costs up and drive both “health” and “care” way down. Secondly, as I just posted in yesterday’s “Won’t Get Fooled (So Easily) Again” (along with a picture of an actual real-world liberal who’ll actually want to have sex with you, unlike those Hollywood “Rock the Vote” airheads that you’ll never get near no matter how you vote), liberal propaganda and bribes just aren’t working for them anymore. They really should be falling back on the actual facts and trying to make a reasoned argument – but they can’t. They know damned well, and always have, what a loser this bill is which is why, from the very beginning, they have been using smoke and mirrors, artificial haste, secrecy (not letting anyone read the bill, keeping the discussions off of C-SPAN), lies, bribery, and extortion to try to ram this thing through as fast as they can, before anyone catches on and tries to stop them. Regardless of the polls saying that most Americans don’t want this, regardless of recent elections which were made into referenda on Obama (in which Obama himself campaigned for the Democrats, who lost every time), regardless of the Constitution itself, they simply refuse to back down from their glorious dream of bringing socialism to the masses. And, as many have observed, one can no longer honestly use the term “moderate Democrat”. Every single one of them has supported this outrage, which is why every single one of them has to go.


The Brainwashing Continues

7 December 2009

Columbia Daily Tribune — Pencils and notebooks resembling President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign ads have been sold in at least one Columbia school and other public schools, causing the company that distributes the materials to travel around the state yanking the supplies out of machines. “Don’t be mad at us,” said Greg Jones, a sales representative with Pencil Wholesale. “It was a total accident.” Pencil Wholesale distributes supplies to six Columbia schools: Parkade Elementary, Cedar Ridge Elementary, Paxton Keeley Elementary, Mill Creek Elementary, Smithton Middle School and Hickman High School, said Linda Quinley, the district’s chief financial officer. … Two families have complained about the politically tinged materials. Three Missouri schools have contacted Jones since the beginning of the school year asking that the materials be removed, and Mill Creek Principal Mary Sue Gibson this week said she also planned to call Pencil Wholesale. … The bound three-ring notebook bears a photo of literal change – pennies, quarters, dimes and nickels stacked into piles. Above the photo, white text reads “CHANGE” over a navy background. Below the photo, “WE CAN BELIEVE IN” sits above a logo similar to Obama’s campaign image – three red stripes separated by white stripes in front of a white circle with a blue background arching over the circle…

Just a coincidence, I’m sure; I mean, anybody could just randomly toss together words and shapes and come up with Obama progpaganda, right? It happens all the time! (And increasingly – and disturbingly – on items directed at  Obama’s youth  children.) And as we all know, it isn’t just “cutesy” art on school materials. More and more, we keep learning about the various songs and hymns that children are being taught to sing in praise of Our Glorious Leader and in support of various liberal agenda. It’s getting harder and harder to believe that each of these hundreds of co-ordinated examples coming to light around the country are just an incredible number of purely coincidental isolated incidents, but they haven’t stopped bubbling up to the surface yet. Last week we heard about students being drilled yet again (the only drilling allowed by the Lefties!) in the evils of modern civilization and the coming ManBearPig Global Warming Apocalypse.

New York Post — When did global warming turn into a forced religion? My daughter came home from school recently with a spring in her step and a song on her lips. With no foreshadowing – or time to call an exorcist – out came this chilling refrain: “…You can hear the warning – GLOBAL WARMING…” By the time her father and I removed our jaws from the floor, we had learned that:

  1. All the kids had been coerced into singing this catchy ditty, which we called “The Warming Song,” at a concert for parents.
  2. Further song lyrics scolded selfish adults (that would be us) for polluting our planet and causing a warming scourge that would, in no short order, kill all the polar bears and threaten the birds and bees.
  3. There was no deprogramming session on the menu. And no arguing allowed.

The international “Climategate” scandal is now moving into its third week. And reaction from folks on the scientific and political left – or is that redundant? – who treat global warming as a cult in which naysayers must be crushed has been depressing: Total denial…

However, I’ve saved the very worst for last. Those who follow Zombie‘s excellent work will recall the three part expose on Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” Kevin Jennings’ connections to Harry Hay and NAMBLA. The very definition of “safe schools” ought to include the exclusion of anyone connected in any way with NAMBLA, but Obama is once again putting the foxes in charge of guarding the henhouse. It should therefore come as absolutely no surprise (but still quite a shock) to see examples of what can only be described as child pornography being included on Jennings’ recommend reading list. Granted, not all of them are pornographic or propagandizing (I’ve already seen some of them before) however Gateway Pundit provides some of the worst excerpts which I will not quote here, and I which I caution you before you click to read them there. These book are explicitely about children having gay sex with adults and children having gay sex with each other… and they are specifically being written for children to read. Under normal circumstances, a man trying to expose children to these sorts of books would be arrested; but in the Obama administration he becomes a czar.

Gateway Pundit has more, including the promotion of “fisting” to children.


4 December 2009

The latest from Copenhagen: Prostitutes Offer Free Climate Summit Sex. Aren’t they aware of how much CO2 will be released by all of that heavy breathing?

Copenhagen Mayor Ritt Bjerregaard sent postcards to city hotels warning summit guests not to patronize Danish sex workers during the upcoming conference. … Copenhagen prostitutes are up in arms, saying that the council has no business meddling in their affairs. They have now offered free sex to anyone who can produce one of the offending postcards and their COP15 identity card, according to the Web site

So those postcards are kind of like a Monopoly “Get Out Of Jail Free” card, if you replace “jail” with “pants”?

…the move has been organized by the Sex Workers Interest Group (SIO). “This is sheer discrimination. Ritt Bjerregaard is abusing her position as Lord Mayor in using her power to prevent us carrying out our perfectly legal job. I don’t understand how she can be allowed to contact people in this way,” SIO Spokeswoman Susanne Møller tells

Of course. Another union. Why am I not surprised?

Møller adds that it is reprehensible and unfair that Copenhagen politicians have chosen to use the UN Climate Summit as a platform for a hetz against sex workers. “But they’ve done it and we have to defend ourselves,” Møller says.

So basically, Bjerregaard was trying to screw prostitutes by preventing people from … screwing prostitutes. This makes as much sense as anything else that will be coming out of Copehnagen in the near future. (BeerDrinkingVictoryMonkey pointed out earlier today that “with a little reworking ‘Copenhagen’ becomes ‘Hopenchange’.)