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Just FYI

26 July 2017


Immigrant  /ˈɪm ɪ grənt/  noun
1. a person who migrates to another country, usually for permanent residence.

Alexander Hamilton was born in one British colony (the island of Nevis, part of the British West Indies) and moved to another British colony (New York). As this was pre-Revolution, he did not move to “another country.”

The Marquis de LaFayette came to America more than once; but as a visitor, never for “permanent residence.” After fighting in the American Revolution, he returned to France to fight in a couple of their revolutions. He served in the French government, never ceased to be a French national, and he is buried in Paris.

Lin-Manuel Miranda was born in New York City, but his grandparents lived in Puerto Rico – both of which are part of the same country.

Clash of the Titans

20 October 2011

A Song For #OccupyWallStreet

14 October 2011

Of course, I’ve got my own set of lyrics for this tune…


We’re Sorry (The Fast and Furious Song)

12 October 2011

Tracks in the Dust – Interview

9 June 2011

“Although the story shows us playing some cover songs during our jam session, the CD Tracks In The Dust: Songs from Afghanistan has no cover songs and is 10 Original Tracks put together by 11 Artists from 5 Nations. All songs were written and recorded by deployed personnel here in Afghanistan. Also not all the musicians shown were part of the project CD, but we welcome all to our Jam sessions.” –Vincent Yznaga

Memorial Day Plug

30 May 2011

Just released today, Tracks in the Dust is an album put together by personnel (military and civilian) from five countries serving together in Afghanistan. (I know one of them.) The ten tracks sell for 99¢ each, and all proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project. Please give them a listen, and pass along the link to anyone you think might be interested.