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“While You Were Out…”

22 March 2011

ABC News — In Official Notification Two Days Later, President Obama Alerts Congress the US Joined a War (H/T: C2)

Well, that was awfully nice of him. Some of them may not have noticed.

…President Obama Monday officially notified congressional leaders that at “approximately 3:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, on March 19, 2011, at my direction, U.S. military forces commenced operations to assist an international effort authorized by the United Nations (U.N.) Security Council and undertaken with the support of European allies and Arab partners, to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe and address the threat posed to international peace and security by the crisis in Libya.” (emphasis added)

Because we all know that the Constitution delegates the power to declare war to the United Nations and the Arab League.

The notification was part of the president’s “efforts to keep the Congress fully informed, consistent with the War Powers Resolution” … (emphasis added)

The War Powers Resolution of 1973 (50 U.S.C. 1541–1548) only allows the President to send US armed forces into action abroad if the United States is already under attack or facing a serious threat of attack. Failing those conditions (which clearly do not exist), only the Congress can declare war. In this case, they weren’t even consulted. (more…)

What? He Broke Another Promise?

8 March 2011

Raise your hands if you’re surprised. Yeah, me neither.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Associated Press has learned that President Barack Obama is approving the resumption of military trials for detainees at the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, ending a two-year ban. A senior military official says Obama will issue an executive order Monday. Defense Secretary Robert Gates will rescind his January 2009 ban against bringing new cases against the terror suspects at the detention facility. Obama vowed when he took office to close the detention facility at Guantanamo, but officials have recently acknowledged that closure is not likely because of questions about where terror suspects would be held. (H/T Weasel Zippers)

So it’s not just the White House that’s butthurt; just imagine how Obama’s supporters must be feeling right now. Why, if it wasn’t for the fact that there was a Democrat in the Oval Office, all of those anti-war pro-terrorist “activists” would be filling the streets, making their voices heard and their stenches smelled. But, on the Left, hypocrisy flows from the top down and from the bottom up. Not to mention laterally, diagonally, and even via vectors which can’t be described in a family blog (at least, not without using at least six dimensions; and who has time for that sort of math?)

Bush/Obama: Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

WikiLeaks Info

29 November 2010

(Source unknown)

Grand Theft Democracy, Part Twelve

16 November 2010

Seriously, people, this had better not drag out as long as Bush-Gore 2000. One Senate race, one state Governor, and six House races remain to be determined.

Alaska: Although the media and other have already come to the conclusion that Lisa Murkowski has won Alaska’s Senate race, based on her lead in write-in votes, the absentee military ballots have not even finished arriving yet much less been counted – so Joe Miller (R) has yet to concede. Given that both camps seem to have gone overboard in establishing which write-in votes were and were not acceptable, one wonders what kind of battle is yet to come over the military ballots. Update: DOJ’s Military Voting Mess Continues Post-Election, but Congress Now Paying Attention.

Illinois: Another update as incumbent Representative Melissa Bean (D-IL8) has conceded the race to challenger Joe Walsh (R). This puts the GOP net gain in the House up to sixty-one. The final margin was about 300 votes.

Washington: Michelle Malkin reports that the open-borders One America Votes operated an illegal political committee.

Before the midterm election, the open-borders group (funded by Soros, SEIU, and the usual prog suspects) sent out illegal alien canvassers to drum up Democrat votes in Washington state. … My friend and Washington state blogger/watchdog Stefan Sharkansky – who has successfully exposed election fraud before – scoured campaign finance records and found that OAV apparently failed to file as a registered political committee. He has sent a formal complaintto the state Public Disclosure Commission. … Although the group was clearly raising and spending massive sums to intervene in state election campaigns, it didn’t register with the PDC or report its receipts and expenditures. Major illegal. … Nor is it registered with the FEC. Some might wonder whether the group is protected under Citizens United. Not from Washington’s state disclosure laws. From federal disclosure only if it’s genuinely qualified to operate as a 501(c)(4), which looks doubtful.

Of course, using illegal aliens to canvass voters is just a first step to converting all of those illegal aliens into Democratic voters – that is, those that aren’t already voting for Democrats anyway despite their illegal status.


Couldn’t Happen To More Deserving @#$%!s

15 November 2010

Nice to see these schmucks get what-for:

Tulsa World — Members of a Kansas church that protests at military funerals may have found themselves in the wrong town Saturday. Shortly after finishing their protest at the funeral of Army Sgt. Jason James McCluskey of McAlester, a half-dozen protesters from Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan., headed to their minivan, only to discover that its front and rear passenger-side tires had been slashed. To make matters worse, as their minivan slowly hobbled away on two flat tires, with a McAlester police car following behind, the protesters were unable to find anyone in town who would repair their vehicle, according to police. (H/T HotAirPundit)

I certainly don’t condone the slashing of tires (although I’m glad that the article doesn’t mention anything about the vandals being caught and sued), but I wholeheartedly agree with anyone and everyone who legally declined to assist them in replacing their tires or repairing their vehicle. (I thought it was odd that the picture with the article showed their license plate, although the vehicle might be a rental.)

This isn’t the only trouble the so-called “church” has had of late; recently in Missouri they were blocked from reaching their target.

IndyPosted — Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church … has claimed free speech and freedom of assembly to protect their “rights” to taunt the families of fallen soldiers with picket signs and slogans. But in Weston, Missouri, citizens of the “Show Me” state showed the Phelps family that “freedom of assembly” is a sword that cuts both ways. Fox news reports that protective and loving citizens converged upon Weston to erect a human blockade around the funeral of Sgt. First Class C.J. Sadell. In the small town of 2000, well over half the town was reportedly joined by visitors from as far away as Australia to pay their respects and to make it impossible for the Phelps family to get anywhere near the funeral for a fallen soldier. “We got everybody here early so we could take up all the parking spots,” [Weston resident Rebecca] Rooney said. ”We did that so Mr. Phelps wouldn’t have a contingency that was really close.” Protesters didn’t stick around long once they saw the supporters.

Again, no word in the article of there being anyone involved in the counter-protest that Fred Phelps (Democrat) and his brood could sue.

A Moment of Silence for Our Veterans

11 November 2010


Mmmm… Caissons…

10 November 2010

‘Til We Found the Sea of Green

8 November 2010

Following in the [carbon] footprints of the Army and the Air Force, U.S. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus plans to develop a “green” aircraft carrier strike group by 2012.

Defense News – While all U.S. aircraft carriers and submarines are already nuclear-powered, the challenge lies in powering destroyers, cruisers, replenishment ships and the air wing with biofuels.

This will please those who refer to the US military as “the world’s largest polluter,” but not those who are catching on to the fact that biofuels are not the be-all and end-all of saving the environment – not to mention that it’s been known (for years) that the push for biofuels is causing an increase in world hunger:

Biofuels are conservatively estimated to have been responsible for at least 30 percent of the global food price spike in 2008 that pushed 100 million people into poverty and drove some 30 million more into hunger, according to the report, Meals per gallon, released by the UK charity ActionAid in February 2010. … The report blames the biofuels targets set by the European Union (EU), and concomitantly, the huge financial incentives given to the biofuels industry, which together, provide a powerful driver for industrial biofuels. In 2006, the EU biofuel industry was already supported by tax exemptions and agricultural subsidies to the sum of €4.4 billion. In 2008, EU member states committed themselves to a target of 10 percent of transport fuels from renewable sources (i.e., biofuels) by 2020. If the same level of subsidies continues, the industry would receive €13.7 billion per year. If all global biofuels targets are to be met, food prices could rise by up to an additional 76 percent by 2020 and starve an extra 600 million people.

All that just to allow liberals to actually feel good about some facet of the US military.


Grand Theft Democracy, Part Five

2 November 2010

The Republican Party has set up a Hotline for election day, 1-888-775-8117, which will be staffed by attorneys, to handle polling issues and possible voter fraud or intimidation. (H/T: 2.0)

Here’s the last post in this series as Election Day begins. I may update it as the day goes by. However, keep in mind that there is doubtlessly going to be even more fraud involved in the process of counting votes as there was in the process of casting them. That’s how we got Senator Al Franken and almost got President Al Gore, after all.

Alaska: More information on why the court’s decision to toss aside established regulations to help Lisa Murkowertz’ write-in spite campaign violated both state and federal laws.

California: Teenagers are going to voters’ homes trying to collect ballots, which is illegal. “[T]wo individuals who said [they] were sent by their boss to pick up voted or un-voted vote-by-mail ballots,” but wouldn’t identify themselves, “their boss”, or what organization they were working for.

Delaware: The Democrats are desperately trying to make sure Christine O’Donnell (R) loses her Senate race (there have been visits by Obama and Biden to support her opponent Coons). A local TV station managed to “forget” to run a pair of thirty-minute ads which O’Donnell’s campaign had paid for as a last-minute push on the weekend before the election.

Maine: I don’t know if this qualifies as discrimination against a law enforcement officer who might have been presumed to vote Republican or just simple hoplophobia, but in Bangor a uniformed policeman was turned away from a polling place because he refused to relinquish his gun. The election warden who did so was dismissed, and his claim that “state law” was on his side was completely false.

Minnesota: In Brainerd, “mentally disadvantaged individuals were brought into the County Courthouse to cast absentee ballots” – or, to be more precise, they were being brought in so that Democrat votes could be cast on their behalf. They were told who to vote for, or “their” votes were cast for them. (H/T: New Class Traitor) I’m not surprised; this sort of thing happens at every election, so I was expecting to see stories like this pop up. Also in Minnesota, there are allegations of felons voting illegally. Everybody, but everybody (excepting the active military overseas but including astronauts in space) get to vote!

Missouri: In Kansas City, dead people (including a former Governor) are registered to vote.

Texas: In Houston, poll workers are casting votes on the behalf of voters.

Nevada: The Harrah’s casino chain is pressuring their employees to vote for Harry Reid… This despite Reid, Obama, and the rest of the Democrats destroying the Las Vegas economy and inflicting unemployment on the state much higher than the already disgraceful national average.

Pennsylvania: The New Black Panther Party is back at the scene of the unprosecuted crime in Philadelphia – where they committed voter intimidation back in 2008.

Washington: Both parties are ready for the inevitable recounts in the Murray-Rossi race. The GOP isn’t going to be blindly fleeced this time by magical disappearing/reappearing ballots, as indicated by the name of their new site

Last month, [FOX’s Bill] O’Reilly implied that corrupt vote-counting in King County and Chicago’s Cook County required a GOP candidate to “win by four or five” points in order to “win by two.” “I know how they go and it’s not honest,” O’Reilly said.


Grand Theft Democracy, Part Three

29 October 2010

The Department of Justice has sent out election monitors to eighteen states (none of which is Nevada)

Arizona: in Yuma County, the GOP has found that one in four last minute voter registration requests are bogus, which is on top of the “hundreds, if not thousands” of fake registrations already found.

California: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D) may have violated campaign finance laws by making threats against left-wing groups if they didn’t spend more money and go on the air more in defense of the indefensible Democrats.

Maryland: A federal court ruled that “it is a violation of a soldier’s constitutional rights to not receive his complete ballot on time. The court ruled that the John Doe officer stationed in Iraq had standing to sue based on deprivations of their constitutional rights. … This means that military members need not wait on the bureaucrats in Washington, DC, at the Justice Department to sue.” This is, of course, a good thing because we know that the current DOJ have absolutely no intention whatsoever of protecting the military’s right to vote. (H/T: C2)

Minnesota: The audience laughed out loud when Rep. Betty McCollum (D) claimed during a debate that there wasn’t a problem with voter fraud in this country. Well, I’m sure she doesn’t have a problem with it, since so far it’s all being done by her party.

Nevada: Clark County Registrar of Voters Larry Lomax said Wednesday that “he has ‘reconciled’ five discrepancies in early voting alleged by Republicans this week. [Five? Is that all? -RM] But Lomax, appearing at a news conference called by Secretary of State Ross Miller to calm fears of voting irregularities, would not say how he has cleared up the discrepancies. … ‘This kind of feeding frenzy we’re experiencing right now I think is unjustified,’ Lomax said. ‘I can see where the flames are getting fanned by certain people.’ ”

North Carolina: The GOP is suing the State Board of Elections, “alleging that touch-screen machines are thwarting efforts by voters to cast Republican ballots.” It’s nice to see the GOP fighting this; the way they’ve rolled over recently letting Al Franken and others cheat their way into office has only emboldened the Democrats. Lawyers are like nuclear weapons: we all hate ’em, but as long as the other side has ’em, we need ’em too. (H/T: C2)

Texas: The New Black Panthers have announced that they will be acting as poll watchers in Houston. What could possibly go wrong?

Utah: voting machines were left unattended overnight in an office building lobby.

Virginia: Democrats in Arlington have to be reminded yet again that giving anything to people in exchange for voting is illegal. Yes, even beer.

Charles Lollar (R-MD5)

21 October 2010

I’m looking forward to casting an early ballot for him tomorrow. (Video H/T: Jim Hoft, GP)

Not a Dry Eye in the House

13 August 2010

My wife was directed to this video a few days ago from someone on FaceBook (OK, so, I guess that place isn’t ALL evil). She doesn’t see how anyone can watch it with dry eyes.