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I’ll Bet They Rediscover the Homeless Any Day Now

2 December 2016

Amazing how things change. Suddenly, after eight years of being told that it was racist treason to criticize the President, we are once again hearing that “dissent is the highest form of patriotism.” Democrats are suddenly rediscovering the wisdom of checks and balances against an imperial presidency, and regretting the nuking of the filibuster in the Senate. Suddenly up is down, old is new, and everything is backwards. I wouldn’t be surprised if anti-war rallies make a comeback next year after their eight year absence. Even The New York Times has decided to rededicate itself actively investigating and reporting on the president, in a couple of months, rather than just being a brown-nosed mouthpiece for the administration. Whatever could have happened to cause so many people to reverse their stances?


History Fail

21 November 2015

I’ve seeing a lot of these moronic cartoons — mostly from the same small number of acquaintances — all about the evil fear-mongering from the right against the completely and utterly harmless and innocent invaders refugees being foisted upon the country, but this one takes the cake. Apparently they (like George Takei) have forgotten that it was Democrat FDR who was responsible for the Japanese internment camps.


@TheDemocrats — So Totally #NotACult

23 September 2015

So, in response to what was no doubt overwhelming demand from some kool-aid drinking focus group still seeking ways for Hillary to [re]connect to millennials and reverse her plummeting poll numbers, a full emoji keyboard of Hillary Clinton and her pantsuits is now available for download for iOS and Android.


They’re call “Hillmojis”, and the apps will work across a variety of messaging platforms including Facebook Messenger, iMessage, WhatsApp, Kik, Tango and others; just so you know which social media sites to avoid. I was unimpressed with the quality of the artwork — I didn’t feel that they accurately portrayed Hillary as she is or what the future no doubt will (or should) hold for her — so I made my own humble offering:


Support Her, But She’ll Never Support You

3 August 2015


Are You Ready?

9 May 2014