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2 June 2012

Here’s a smug and smarmy picture I was just exposed to on the intertubes, by another smug and smarmy person who was applauding it.

If someone wants to put their own opinions on their own vehicles, more power to ’em; it’s a great way for me to spot the idiots in the crowd and give them wide berth while I’m commuting home. But this jerk is borrowing his father’s truck (and, who knows; living in his father’s basement, eating his father’s food, etc.?) and can’t resist sticking a contradictory sign in the window while doing so? If he feels that strongly about the issue, let him get a job and his own car. Like I have, when I’m commuting and giving wide berth to ungrateful self-satisfied idiots like him.


Fundamentally Transformative CHANGE!

12 March 2012

When Hell is Full, the Dead Shall Walk the Polling Places

12 January 2012

Another One Bites the Dust

28 December 2011

Ben Nelson (D-NE) was going to retire in a year whether he wanted to or not. His decision not to run for reelection merely means that he’s bowing to the inevitable.

In order to recapture the Senate in 2012, the GOP needs a net gain of four seats; and the numbers look much better now than they did in 2010. Out of the thirty-three incumbent Senators up for reelection next year, only ten are Republicans. The Democrats have more than twice as many seats to defend, and it’s going to be tough… Something of which the rats are no doubt aware, given the way they’re starting to abandon ship in droves.

  • Senator Daniel Akaka (D-HI), retiring.
  • Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM), retiring.
  • Senator Kent Conrad (D-NC), retiring.
  • Senator Herb Kohl (D-WI), retiring.
  • Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT), retiring.
  • Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE), retiring.
  • Senator Jim Webb (D-VA), retiring.

Blazing Bipartisans

24 October 2011

Blazing Democrats:

Blazing Republicans:

(H/T: IMAO – Dem, Rep)

#OccupyToledo Has *SIX* People

21 October 2011

If they are the 99%, then by my calculations, the total population of Toledo must be 6.06 (actual Toledo population according to Wikipedia is 287,208; which means that those six people are the 0.002089%).

First World Problems

19 October 2011

According to the NY Post, “looking at [Occupy Wall Street] protest attendance, you might conclude that the most oppressed group in American society are white college students.” (H/T: IMAO) One meme that’s spread all over the internet recently is called “First World Problems.” More often that not, some smug leftie is the one attaching that label to any concern that Americans have which is nothing compared to the hardships facing the impoverished and starving in third world countries; well, I think I can be forgiven for looking at the signs carried by OWS protesters and thinking that most of their complaints are “First World Problems” (except for the growing number of protestors who are more accurately described as “Third Reich Problems”). You’re in debt and can’t get a good job in your field, so you want to be subsidized as you camp out on other peoples’ land and plot ways to steal and redistribute their belongings?


They Have No Hope, But Change Would Be Nice

10 October 2011

OccupyReality … for a change.

(Image of protesters H/T: Zombie, with the caption “Only at a San Francisco protest could there be a freak so freaky that even the naked guy would look at him aghast”; read “US Military 1 – Occupy Movement 0” for Zombie’s photographs of OccupySF competing with the US military.)

Sign of the Times?

3 October 2011

Last weekend, I attended an event in Maryland (Artomatic) with over 300 artists displaying their creations. The last time we attended this event was in 2009. I’m not sure how relevant this is, but I saw a lot less Obama artwork this time around. To be precise: I saw one.¹ Batman, Doctor Who, and Mister Spock were better represented² than Dear Leader.

¹ And it was a simple portrait, without Messianic imagery or unicorns.
² Or at least, more numerously represented. “Better” is a rather subjective term, especially when applied to paintings of Mr. Spock’s “special relationship” with Captain James Tiberius Kirk.

Update: The picture I took of that exhibit is below the cut (also contains two nudes). I re-read the sign under the Obama portrait and looked up the artist: Christopher Madden is the Chief Engraver of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, who has created the artwork on American currency (and hence, has worked on portraits of other presidents – and Benjamin Franklin – as well). This was an official portrait; so, there wasn’t any Obama “fan art” at the show this year.


Yes, I Know It Should Be “Fewer”

29 September 2011

With the popularity of the President and his party in the toilet, with the possibility of the Republicans not only taking the White House but also the Senate as well next year, the mask continues to slip off of the would-be tyrants and commissars of the Democrat Party. They have never had anything but contempt for the American people, have always thought that they knew best how to control our lives, resent the Constitution standing in the way of their agenda, and detest the fact that they need to be accountable to the voters who are too stupid to act as the MSM tells them to do.

“I’d like to work my way around Congress.” –President Barack Obama (D)

“I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years…” –Governor Beverly Perdue (D-NC)

“We need less democracy.” –Peter Orszag, former Obama OMB director

We do not need less democracy. We need less Democrats.

Democrat “Logic”

14 September 2011

“There are Jews who are trending toward the Republican Party, some of it because of their misunderstanding of Obama’s policies in the Middle East, and some of it, quite frankly, for economic reasons. They feel they want to protect their wealth, which is why a lot of well-off voters vote for Republicans.” -Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA)

When Jews vote Republican, they are wrong because they are voting for their own self-interests.

When Blacks vote Republican, they are wrong because they are voting against their own self-interests.

See how that works?

It’s Up To You, New York, New York!

14 September 2011

If Obama can’t make it there, he can’t make it anywhere…

Republican candidate Bob Turner has won the special election to finish the term of resigned-in-disgrace Representative Anthony Weiner (D). This is a historic victory, against a Democrat (David Weprin) with twenty years of elected experience and good personal popularity numbers, in a very Democratic district (thrice the number of registered Democrats as registered Republicans, and held by a Democrat for over ninety years). There’s only one reason why Turner even had a chance, much less managed to win decisively: Barack Obama. The special election was turned into a referendum on Obama’s jobs performance (and overt hostility to Israel), leading the electorate to crossover and vote against the Democrat to “send a message” to the President. There is no other way to interpret the results; but Lord knows the Democratic spinmeisters are still trying.

Naturally, this being a race that the Democrats really didn’t want to lose (because of the implications for Obama, and for next year’s elections) – Ah, who the Hell am I kidding? Because this was a race containing a Democrat candidate, there was naturally chicanery involved. Non-regular (absentee and provisional) ballots are being impounded by a court order because of “gross incompetence” on behalf of the Board of Elections, citing “absentee ballots being mailed to dead people and people who did not request them.” Fortunately, Turner’s support was not only above the margin of error, it was also above the margin of Democratic fraud.

In an unrelated story, Shekina Pena of Lansing, Michigan, was charged with registering voters by giving them marijuana.

CNN — A woman who operates a medicinal marijuana clinic in Lansing, Michigan, has been charged with breaking the state’s election law after allegedly doling out free marijuana to those who registered to vote, officials said Tuesday. Shekina Pena, 34, was charged Monday with a misdemeanor after authorities said she tried to influence voters with pot, considered a “valuable consideration,” according to a statement from Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette. … Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson argued that Pena’s intent was clear. “They offered their customers marijuana in exchange for voter registration. They also supplied a slate of their preferred candidates. This goes beyond election shenanigans.” …

Michigan Election Law prohibits the provision of anything of value in order to induce or influence the manner of voting (MCL 168.931(1)(a)). Such violations are misdemeanors punishable by up to 90 days in jail and/or a $500 fine.