About RoboMonkey

They say an infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of keyboards will eventually type out the complete works of Shakespeare. Well, as a single cybernetic monkey with a broadband connection, I have yet to produce even a sonnet… But one can only hope that I’ll produce something worthwhile eventually. If it seems that I don’t update this site very often, that would be for the very real reason that I don’t update this site very often. I generally spend far more time commenting on other peoples’ sites than on updating my own. This may or may not change at some point in the future. At least I’m not flinging poo… Anymore…

5 Responses to “About RoboMonkey”

  1. cookielady Says:

    Robo, where are you? You okay?

  2. Pvt Bin Jammin Says:

    Hi RoboMonkey, just letting you know that C2 is back on: correspondencecommittee.blogspot.com for a day or two until we get a new host.

  3. Pvt Bin Jammin Says:

    If you know how to reach Fenway, please pass the word on to him.

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