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Yep, I Called It

18 April 2016

March 2016 Is the Sixth Temperature Record-Breaking Month in a Row, according to Slate. They didn’t even wait a few months to give us time to forget all of the snow we got in March. In fact, they published that story on 16 April – a week before all of these stories about a “Colorado blizzard.”

My Car This Morning

8 April 2016


This was my car this morning. Snow and ice; I had to pull out a scraper to clear the windshield. Remember this in August, when the media uses the hot weather and short memories to re-post their annual “This is the warmest year on record!” propaganda pieces.

Mind you, I don’t actually object to this weather myself – I find it preferable to the cloud of pollen which would normally be strangling me at this time of year – but I can’t help noticing that, if they discuss this at all, that this is just “weather,” while the summer heat will be “climate.” Loki blames this weather on his brother Thor, which is exactly as credible a claim as anthropomorphic global warming.