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Because All Cultures are Equal or Something

11 August 2015

In Dubai, Father Keeps Lifeguards from Rescuing Drowning Daughter to “Save Her Honor”

A father in Dubai took his family to the beach for a picnic and some fun in the sun, only to have the day turn into needless tragedy. The father’s daughter began to drown a short distance from shore when lifeguards began the attempt to rescue her. But the father — who is apparently very strong — restrained the lifeguards from doing their job because “he prefers his daughter being dead than being touched by a strange man.” …

Not asked anywhere in the articles linked above: If this dude was such a big, strong man, and was right on the scene when the lifeguards were trying to charge in to save her, then why the hell didn’t he save his daughter’s life (and “honor”) himself?

… The father was later prosecuted. Not for negligent homicide or whatever its equivalent is in Dubai, but for restraining the lifeguards. Evidently, it’s not a crime to kill your daughter but it is against the law to restrain lifeguards.

Support Her, But She’ll Never Support You

3 August 2015