Here’s a smug and smarmy picture I was just exposed to on the intertubes, by another smug and smarmy person who was applauding it.

If someone wants to put their own opinions on their own vehicles, more power to ’em; it’s a great way for me to spot the idiots in the crowd and give them wide berth while I’m commuting home. But this jerk is borrowing his father’s truck (and, who knows; living in his father’s basement, eating his father’s food, etc.?) and can’t resist sticking a contradictory sign in the window while doing so? If he feels that strongly about the issue, let him get a job and his own car. Like I have, when I’m commuting and giving wide berth to ungrateful self-satisfied idiots like him.

Lovely. Let Mommy and Daddy and Nanny Obama take care of everything for you…

5 Responses to “Typical”

  1. anarem Says:

    welcome back, looking forwards to your commentary as the season heats up…

  2. LC Aggie Sith Says:

    He doesn’t see the irony in borrowing the dad’s truck. What a pitiful commentary on out times…

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