Riehl World View brings us the curious case of the photoshopped Trayvon Martin picture (H/T: IHateTheMedia.com), where the original (from The Miami Herald) was altered to make Trayvon look younger, lighter, more innocent and less threatening. Must change the evidence to fit the narrative, after all.

Remember when they did the same thing in reverse to OJ Simpson, and the uproar that caused? Do you expect the same outrage at MSM chicanery this time? (Me neither.)

3 Responses to “Fauxtography”

  1. realwest Says:

    Great work on this Robomonkey – I still think the question of who (whom?!) actually did the first photoshop of this photograph would be some interesting information.
    We know that the rest of the MSM went with the “cleaned up” photo of Trayvon Martin because it was produced by someone else and they never stopped to go to the original source material for the photo (The Miami Herald) or if they did, they simply preferred the altered photo because it fit THEIR storyline better.

  2. LC Aggie Sith Says:

    Uh, “lighter”?? I thought the WHOLE FREAKIN’ POINT was that he was “walking while black”.

    Idiotic MSM…

  3. cookielady Says:

    You okay, Robomonkey? No new posts for a while…

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