Coming to You Soon as “Soma”

According to The Daily Beast, there’s now a pill to cure racism.

…Writing in the medical journal Psychopharmacology, British investigators found that a veteran heart and blood pressure pill, propranolol, which acts to lower our fight-or-flight response to anything by dialing down adrenaline production, reduced “implicit racial bias” significantly. They ran their study in 36 white 22-year-old volunteers and distinguished implicit associations from explicit racial prejudice. … (H/T: JCM)

While some question whether or not thirty-six people is enough of a sample size to make such an announcement (it’s not), I have to question the fact that only white people were included in the sample. Apparently, the “implicit racial bias” of the investigators, who might want to consider taking some of their own medicine, is that only white people can be racist. Physicians, heal thyselves.

One Response to “Coming to You Soon as “Soma””

  1. LC Aggie Sith Says:

    There is so much wrong with this.

    Sometimes I get the feeling it’s a ruse, a ploy to subjugate the so-called “white” race, and lead it down a path to extinction.

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