Has Anyone Seen Al Gore Recently?

I notice that they don’t name the perp, and that I haven’t seen the former VP in a while…

The Guardian – Climate change sceptics have acquired a new explanation for why glaciers are retreating: it’s not global warming, it’s theft. Police in Chile have arrested a man on suspicion of stealing five tonnes of ice from the Jorge Montt glacier in the Patagonia region to sell as designer ice cubes in bars and restaurants. … Scientists say Jorge Montt, part of the Bernardo O’Higgins national park, is retreating by half a mile a year, making it one of the world’s fastest shrinking glaciers. Environmentalists have cited it as evidence that man-made climate change is warming the planet. Sceptics have cited other explanations for retreating glaciers, but theft – until now – was not one of them. It may be the only case in which both sides agree human activity was to blame.

So it’s not CO2, it’s ice pirates that are shrinking the glaciers.

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  1. cookielady Says:

    Hahahahaha! Ice pirates! Love it. Except the chilly little secret is that Algore air conditions his 20000 sq ft house with this glacier. It’s his own private stash of global coolness; he sends his private jet to pick up chunks twice a week all summer.

    Don’t tell anyone…

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