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Isn’t Squealing Like a Pig Haram?

3 October 2011

“I can’t think of an age group right now that feels happy. And this president, I think comes across as a bit debonaire. Casual’s not a fair word, but a bit breezy for the mood of the country. The country wants somebody – the first thing they want before they want deliverance and a future, they want somebody whose [sic] with them in the present. …” —MSNBC host Chris Matthews (H/T: WeaselZippers) [emphasis added]

We don’t want Deliverance, but we’re certainly getting it. I’ve been hearing the banjos and canoeing faster since 2008.

Sign of the Times?

3 October 2011

Last weekend, I attended an event in Maryland (Artomatic) with over 300 artists displaying their creations. The last time we attended this event was in 2009. I’m not sure how relevant this is, but I saw a lot less Obama artwork this time around. To be precise: I saw one.¹ Batman, Doctor Who, and Mister Spock were better represented² than Dear Leader.

¹ And it was a simple portrait, without Messianic imagery or unicorns.
² Or at least, more numerously represented. “Better” is a rather subjective term, especially when applied to paintings of Mr. Spock’s “special relationship” with Captain James Tiberius Kirk.

Update: The picture I took of that exhibit is below the cut (also contains two nudes). I re-read the sign under the Obama portrait and looked up the artist: Christopher Madden is the Chief Engraver of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, who has created the artwork on American currency (and hence, has worked on portraits of other presidents – and Benjamin Franklin – as well). This was an official portrait; so, there wasn’t any Obama “fan art” at the show this year.