First World Problems

According to the NY Post, “looking at [Occupy Wall Street] protest attendance, you might conclude that the most oppressed group in American society are white college students.” (H/T: IMAO) One meme that’s spread all over the internet recently is called “First World Problems.” More often that not, some smug leftie is the one attaching that label to any concern that Americans have which is nothing compared to the hardships facing the impoverished and starving in third world countries; well, I think I can be forgiven for looking at the signs carried by OWS protesters and thinking that most of their complaints are “First World Problems” (except for the growing number of protestors who are more accurately described as “Third Reich Problems”). You’re in debt and can’t get a good job in your field, so you want to be subsidized as you camp out on other peoples’ land and plot ways to steal and redistribute their belongings?

First of all, on the subject of debt: absolutely nobody is forced to take a college loan. Unlike so many other things the government does (which the OWS want more of), college loans (which have been nationalized under Obama) are not compulsory and enforced at gunpoint. Anybody who is deep in debt because of college loans is only there because they chose to be there. There are other options. Sure, all of the smug, arrogant, entitled spoiled brats want to go to the expensive big-name colleges because, well, they’re special snowflakes and deserve the best (plus, better parties and football teams or something); but you can generally get just as good (if not better) an education at a more economical state college. I worked up to four part-time jobs at a time when I was in college, and didn’t owe anybody anything when I got out. My brother went to a bigger, more expensive university; but he got a full scholarship to pay his way. Those are available to those who are good enough or work hard enough. There were some strings attached (TANSTAAFL), but he was able to live with them.

Secondly, on the subject of jobs: this one comes in two parts. The whiners, I mean protesters, are upset that they can’t graduate and overnight get into high-paying jobs in their field. Sorry, but when the classwork is done the legwork begins (if not sooner – there’s always internships and the like). I took the first job I could find, while I read the employment sections of the newspaper, sent out resumes, went to job fairs and interviews, and only later got an entry-level position working in my field… And even then, you have to spend years working, proving yourself, getting promoted, and so on before you get to the level that these ninnies think that they’re entitled to from day one. You get nothing for nothing.

The other problem they have getting jobs in their field? Well, maybe if they’d chosen an actual field with actual jobs that actually accomplished something (engineering, medical, whatever), they’d have a better shot at finding a job. But it just so happens that there aren’t a whole lot of openings for people with degrees in Medieval Literature or Oppressed Minority Studies. And you know what? That’s your fault, too. Nobody forced you to choose a worthless major; you picked it because it was easier than a real degree and/or because it let you feel smug and superior to those lesser cretins who were learning a trade rather than filling their heads with important fluff.

So you’re deep in debt and can’t find a job, and you’re looking for someone to blame? Well, some would say that you belong in Washington DC rather than Wall Street; but I say that your first protest should be made while looking in the mirror.

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  1. RoboMonkey Says:

    (Note that each word in “First World Problems” is a different link.)

  2. LC Aggie Sith Says:

    Fabulous post, Robo.

    I do wonder how they will handle winter. Or IF they will stick around to handle it. Poor idiots don’t see they are being used.

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