Math is Hard. Let’s Go Shopping!

From the Weekly Standard (H/T: WeaselZippers):

George Stephanopoulos: “If hope and change define[d] the 2008 campaign, what two words are going to make – are going to define 2012?”

Barack Obama: “I– you know, I haven’t quite boiled it down to a bumper sticker yet. But I think what’ll define 2012 is – you know, our vision for the future. That’s three words. Four.”

George Stephanopoulos: “It’s five, actually.”

Remember, “it’s not class warfare, it’s math!” And can you trust the math of a man who can’t tell us how many states are in the USA, how old his daughter is, how long two Presidential terms last, or even what year it is?

2 Responses to “Math is Hard. Let’s Go Shopping!”

  1. LC Aggie Sith Says:

    I guess he meant two words, for large values of two??

    WHat ticks me off no end is Stephanopoulos! The guy has caught the prez in miriad mistakes, and he refuses to capitalize on it, choosing instead to gloss them over in a fine coating of shit.

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