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Blazing Bipartisans

24 October 2011

Blazing Democrats:

Blazing Republicans:

(H/T: IMAO – Dem, Rep)

#OccupyToledo Has *SIX* People

21 October 2011

If they are the 99%, then by my calculations, the total population of Toledo must be 6.06 (actual Toledo population according to Wikipedia is 287,208; which means that those six people are the 0.002089%).

Clash of the Titans

20 October 2011

First World Problems

19 October 2011

According to the NY Post, “looking at [Occupy Wall Street] protest attendance, you might conclude that the most oppressed group in American society are white college students.” (H/T: IMAO) One meme that’s spread all over the internet recently is called “First World Problems.” More often that not, some smug leftie is the one attaching that label to any concern that Americans have which is nothing compared to the hardships facing the impoverished and starving in third world countries; well, I think I can be forgiven for looking at the signs carried by OWS protesters and thinking that most of their complaints are “First World Problems” (except for the growing number of protestors who are more accurately described as “Third Reich Problems”). You’re in debt and can’t get a good job in your field, so you want to be subsidized as you camp out on other peoples’ land and plot ways to steal and redistribute their belongings?


Occupy This

19 October 2011

Joe Biden wishes opponents of President Barack Obama’s latest stimulus knew what it felt like to be robbed or raped. Really. Well, fortunately for us, Obama’s new BFFs are there to help us! If we want to know how it feels to be robbed or raped, all we have to do is go to one of those Occupy rallies that he’s so fond of.

Update: If you do get raped at OccupyBaltimore, keep it to yourself; or report it to the OccupyBaltimore staff who will arrange counseling for you and the rapist. But they’d prefer to keep the police out of it.

A Song For #OccupyWallStreet

14 October 2011

Of course, I’ve got my own set of lyrics for this tune…


We’re Sorry (The Fast and Furious Song)

12 October 2011

Impossible to Hide the Decline

11 October 2011

(H/T: The Weekly Standard)

Yid with Lid — …Great Britain, which just went through two record cold winters is in store for some more. Scientists are predicting that Britain may be facing a mini-ice age that may last for decades. It’s partly the fault of the La Nina weather pattern… The real cause for this prediction is the Sun. It has been emitting few ultra violet rays (not that you would know by looking at Snooki). …the news about the arctic ice cap may be just as depressing. So far it has been very cold in the arctic this fall, in fact it has been coldest autumn the arctic has seen in over a decade. Because of this cold the arctic has added a Manhattan-sized chunk of ice to the ice cap every 30 seconds for the last 30 days… As our President, the EPA and many other progressives work to slow down the economy with crippling regulations to reduce “greenhouse gasses,” it seems that mother earth does not want to cooperate. …

They Have No Hope, But Change Would Be Nice

10 October 2011

OccupyReality … for a change.

(Image of protesters H/T: Zombie, with the caption “Only at a San Francisco protest could there be a freak so freaky that even the naked guy would look at him aghast”; read “US Military 1 – Occupy Movement 0” for Zombie’s photographs of OccupySF competing with the US military.)


6 October 2011

“Hey kids, let’s read a story about ME!” Ah well, at least he’s not using a teleprompter this time.

Carbon Credits for Corpses

5 October 2011

From Watts Up With That? we learn that a University of Toronto study (with an inappropriate photo) that “Herbivore populations will go down as temperatures go up.” (H/T: JCM) Well, that explains why wimpy liberal vegetarians are the people most likely to be frightened by global warming fairy tales.

Speaking of decreases in population, the end result of carbon trading is the same as the end result of every other socialist scheme: Mass killings.

GWPF — The reported killing of 23 Honduran farmers in a dispute with the owners of UN-accredited palm oil plantations in Honduras is forcing the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) executive board to reconsider its stakeholder consultation processes. … At issue are the reported murders of 23 local farmers who tried to recover land, which they say was illegally sold to big palm oil plantations, such as Grupo Dinant, in a country scarred by widespread human rights abuses. In July, a report by an International Fact Finding Mission was presented to the European Parliament’s Human Rights Sub-committee, alleging that 23 peasants, one journalist and his partner, had all been murdered in the Bajo Aguán region, between January 2010 and March 2011. The deaths were facilitated by the “direct involvement of private security guards from some of the local companies who are complicit with police and military officials,” the report said. In some cases it cited “feigned accidents” in which peasants were run over by security guards working for two named palm oil businessmen. In other cases, the farmers were simply shot, or “disappeared.” … carbon credits from the plantations can still be freely traded on the EU ETS, which allows polluters to offset their carbon emissions by nominally clean energy investments. … for now, business continues as usual in Aguán and the world’s carbon markets, despite the “systemic and grave human rights violations” noted by the IACHR report. “If this is really a direct consequence of Europe’s climate policies then I would like to send my sincere apologies to the people of Honduras,” [Green MEP] Bas Eickhout said. “The CDM is supposed to be offering environmental benefits and sustainable development but these kinds of stories are really terrible. I don’t want to hear them anymore.” (H/T: Soylent Green)

Someone just pointed out to me that similar things are happening in Africa as well. Looks like Al Gore’s AGW Hoax is competing with Barack Obama’s Fast and Furious program to see who can kill more foreigners.

Math is Hard. Let’s Go Shopping!

4 October 2011

From the Weekly Standard (H/T: WeaselZippers):

George Stephanopoulos: “If hope and change define[d] the 2008 campaign, what two words are going to make – are going to define 2012?”

Barack Obama: “I– you know, I haven’t quite boiled it down to a bumper sticker yet. But I think what’ll define 2012 is – you know, our vision for the future. That’s three words. Four.”

George Stephanopoulos: “It’s five, actually.”

Remember, “it’s not class warfare, it’s math!” And can you trust the math of a man who can’t tell us how many states are in the USA, how old his daughter is, how long two Presidential terms last, or even what year it is?