Attack Waaaaatch!!!

I wish I could remember who described the Attack Watch website font as “Waffen Sans Serif”… In any event, they’d probably get more people reporting on their friends if they used some of that Stimulus money to pay off informants with thirty pieces of silver.

2 Responses to “Attack Waaaaatch!!!”

  1. LC Aggie Sith Says:

    I’m surprised that site is still up. I bet they take it down this afternoon very, very quietly.

    • RoboMonkey Says:

      Everybody’s watching. If they take it down or change it right now, the ridicule may even increase. Not to mention that it would be an overt admission of failure, which is not something this administration is generally capable of.

      Not that they’re really capable of anything, mind you; after all, they didn’t create a site called Accomplishment Watch.

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