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Al is Gored Again

30 September 2011

Not only was Al Gore’s latest propaganda gambit watched by few but derided by many, he has once again been caught engaging in deliberate deceit and fraud to back up his moneymaking economybusting schemes: Al Gore doctored a video that’s supposed to prove his global warming theories (H/T: C2). The song and dance continues…

Yo, VP’s gonna kick it

Ice ice melting
Ice ice melting
All right stop collaborate and listen
Ice is melting and poles won’t glisten
Blowing carbon dioxide nightly
Holding my giant hockey stick tightly
Soon it won’t cool even in the fall
Turn off the lights to save us all
To the extreme I’m a prophet to the left wing
Though my massive jets my huge weight is hefting
Come listen to the speaker that bores
I’m washing your brain while your body snores
Deadly when I show Powerpoint slides
Everywhere that I think Manbearpig hides
You need to cut back while I’m gaining weight
Got a massive footprint on my blue plate
If there ain’t a problem I’ll invent it
Check out my book, with the fact I bent it

Ice ice melting
Al Gore says ice ice melting
Al Gore says ice ice melting
Al Gore says ice ice melting

Yes, I Know It Should Be “Fewer”

29 September 2011

With the popularity of the President and his party in the toilet, with the possibility of the Republicans not only taking the White House but also the Senate as well next year, the mask continues to slip off of the would-be tyrants and commissars of the Democrat Party. They have never had anything but contempt for the American people, have always thought that they knew best how to control our lives, resent the Constitution standing in the way of their agenda, and detest the fact that they need to be accountable to the voters who are too stupid to act as the MSM tells them to do.

“I’d like to work my way around Congress.” –President Barack Obama (D)

“I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years…” –Governor Beverly Perdue (D-NC)

“We need less democracy.” –Peter Orszag, former Obama OMB director

We do not need less democracy. We need less Democrats.

“Bad Crazy”

26 September 2011

“Asking a billionaire to pay same tax rate as a Jew… uh uh… janitor” –Barack Obama (H/T BreitbartTV)

An Alien Chest Burster? The Vulcan Death Grip? You’re Covered.

16 September 2011

Under Obama, government regulations (and regulators) have skyrocketed. Want to see some of what your children’s, grandchildren’s, and great-grandchildren’s taxes are paying for?

Wall Street Journal — Today, hospitals and doctors use a system of about 18,000 codes to describe medical services in bills they send to insurers. Apparently, that doesn’t allow for quite enough nuance. A new federally mandated version will expand the number to around 140,000—adding codes that describe precisely what bone was broken, or which artery is receiving a stent. It will also have a code for recording that a patient’s injury occurred in a chicken coop… There are codes for injuries in opera houses, art galleries, squash courts, and nine locations in and around a mobile home… Billing experts who translate doctors’ work into codes are gearing up to start using the new system in two years. … R46.1 is “bizarre personal appearance” while R46.0 is “very low level of personal hygiene.” It’s not clear how many klutzes want to notify their insurers that a doctor visit was a W22.02XA, “walked into lamppost, initial encounter” (or, for that matter, a W22.02XD, “walked into lamppost, subsequent encounter”). …

And who can deny that Democrats are the party of scienciousness and futurity when ObamaCare is getting ready to bill you for accidents involving spacecraft? Go to that link and check out some searches on different keywords. There are nine different codes for injuries caused by turtles (no word on whether or not those are the mutant ninja variety).

UPDATE: What? There are no codes for injuries from moose? But a Møøse once bit my sister! Mynd you, møøse bites Kan be pretty nasti…

Attack Waaaaatch!!!

16 September 2011

I wish I could remember who described the Attack Watch website font as “Waffen Sans Serif”… In any event, they’d probably get more people reporting on their friends if they used some of that Stimulus money to pay off informants with thirty pieces of silver.

Democrat “Logic”

14 September 2011

“There are Jews who are trending toward the Republican Party, some of it because of their misunderstanding of Obama’s policies in the Middle East, and some of it, quite frankly, for economic reasons. They feel they want to protect their wealth, which is why a lot of well-off voters vote for Republicans.” -Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA)

When Jews vote Republican, they are wrong because they are voting for their own self-interests.

When Blacks vote Republican, they are wrong because they are voting against their own self-interests.

See how that works?

It’s Up To You, New York, New York!

14 September 2011

If Obama can’t make it there, he can’t make it anywhere…

Republican candidate Bob Turner has won the special election to finish the term of resigned-in-disgrace Representative Anthony Weiner (D). This is a historic victory, against a Democrat (David Weprin) with twenty years of elected experience and good personal popularity numbers, in a very Democratic district (thrice the number of registered Democrats as registered Republicans, and held by a Democrat for over ninety years). There’s only one reason why Turner even had a chance, much less managed to win decisively: Barack Obama. The special election was turned into a referendum on Obama’s jobs performance (and overt hostility to Israel), leading the electorate to crossover and vote against the Democrat to “send a message” to the President. There is no other way to interpret the results; but Lord knows the Democratic spinmeisters are still trying.

Naturally, this being a race that the Democrats really didn’t want to lose (because of the implications for Obama, and for next year’s elections) – Ah, who the Hell am I kidding? Because this was a race containing a Democrat candidate, there was naturally chicanery involved. Non-regular (absentee and provisional) ballots are being impounded by a court order because of “gross incompetence” on behalf of the Board of Elections, citing “absentee ballots being mailed to dead people and people who did not request them.” Fortunately, Turner’s support was not only above the margin of error, it was also above the margin of Democratic fraud.

In an unrelated story, Shekina Pena of Lansing, Michigan, was charged with registering voters by giving them marijuana.

CNN — A woman who operates a medicinal marijuana clinic in Lansing, Michigan, has been charged with breaking the state’s election law after allegedly doling out free marijuana to those who registered to vote, officials said Tuesday. Shekina Pena, 34, was charged Monday with a misdemeanor after authorities said she tried to influence voters with pot, considered a “valuable consideration,” according to a statement from Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette. … Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson argued that Pena’s intent was clear. “They offered their customers marijuana in exchange for voter registration. They also supplied a slate of their preferred candidates. This goes beyond election shenanigans.” …

Michigan Election Law prohibits the provision of anything of value in order to induce or influence the manner of voting (MCL 168.931(1)(a)). Such violations are misdemeanors punishable by up to 90 days in jail and/or a $500 fine.


13 September 2011

Democrats: America literally cannot afford them anymore. (Infographic H/T: Roger Kimball, PajamasMedia; caption by me)

It’s All About Meme

6 September 2011

Can the Race Card possibly get any more overplayed than it is today? I’m sure we’ll know the answer to that question by Tuesday, November 6, 2012.


Can They Tell Uranus From a Hole in the Ground?

6 September 2011

Jerusalem Post — The Muslim world is in turmoil over the possibility that it may have misread the skies and mistaken Saturn for the moon when it declared Ramadan and its daily fasting over last week, causing the devout to starting feast a day early. Sighting of the new moon crescent has always been difficult and a special Hilal panel, or moon-sighting committee, receives testimonies from veteran Muslim moon gazers that in fact the lunar month is over. Religious authorities in Saudi Arabia declared Ramadan ended last Monday August 29 and the three-day Id al-Fitr festivities could begin. … In Indonesia, there was such doubt that the astronomers and Muslim bodies extended the Ramadan fast for another day and didn’t celebrate the Id until sundown Tuesday. Saudi and Egyptian astronomers, too, questioned the veracity of the moon sighting and issued a statement saying there was no way it could have been sighted last Monday because it had eclipsed before sunset. If they saw anything, it was the planet Saturn and not the moon, the astronomers said. In Saudi Arabia, conservative religious scholars were so galled that their veracity had been questioned they threatened to take legal action for creating the uncertainty… (H/T: Big Peace)

Islamic Death Star

That’s no moon!

How exactly do you confuse the moon with the planet Saturn? Without any special expertise in the matter, and without any special equipment (a telescope, a sextant, a copy of the Quran in case it’s a cold night and I need to burn something for warmth) I guarantee you that I could the tell the two apart. Maybe they should have asked someone from NASA for advice; after all, NASA’s main job these days is keeping Muslims happy. (Anybody could have built Bill Clinton’s bridge to the 21st century; but it takes our Community Organizer in Chief to build a bridge from America to the 7th century.) Then again, Ramadan is all about fasting; and what could be faster than ending a month a day early?