Thank You, Hollywood

The Islamist who killed two US airmen in Germany was inspired by Hollywood propaganda…

(Telegraph) — A Kosovo Albanian Islamic extremist has confessed to murdering two American airmen and has blamed a faked jihad video showing US soldiers raping a Muslim girl for inspiring his crime. In an emotional confession to a Frankfurt court as his murder trial began on Wednesday, Arid Uka said he had become radicalised by online extremist propaganda before carrying out a lone gun attack US Air Force bus in March. … Uka blamed a video purporting to show American servicemen raping a young Muslim girl for prompting him to try and stop other US soldiers from getting to Afghanistan. … But the rape footage, billed as an authentic video entitled “what was done to our sisters,” turned out to be … from the 2007 anti-Iraq war film “Redacted,” directed by Hollywood’s Brian de Palma. (H/T: WeaselZippers)

I’ll bet they’re proud on the Left Coast today! Compare that with the evil, racist, bigoted, anti-Semitic, insert-your-PC-adjectives-here The Passion of the Christ; that bogeyman of the liberals that was expected to spread hatred and violence o’er the land upon its release. What was the result of that flick?

( — It has converted some to Christianity, caused fury in the Jewish community and made millions of dollars since being released. Now Mel Gibson’s controversial film The Passion has been credited with solving a murder. Texas detectives looking into the death of a teenager, Ashley Nicole Wilson, in January had wrongly concluded she hanged herself after they found a suicide note. But after sitting through the powerful two-hour film, Ms Wilson’s boyfriend, Dan Leach, felt the need to confess and turned himself in to Fort Bend County police. …

Impressive, to be sure; but not nearly as good at burnishing your Hollywood street cred as influencing a terrorist to kill American servicemen! Why, if only this had happened sooner, de Palma would have been a shoo-in for several Oscars (as opposed to the zero Oscar nominations Redacted got, compared to all of the honors Mel Gibson’s evil film received).

Did I say “Thank you, Hollywood”? I think I meant a different verb ending in “K”…

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  1. LC Aggie Sith Says:

    Hollywood is just the hippie that spits on the servicemen.

    They are no longer relevant.

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