They’re Lumberjacks and They’re OK

HOQUIAM, WA — A community festival in Hoquiam is attracting attention with a T-shirt mocking Osama bin Laden. Logging remains an important part of Grays Harbor County, and the loggers’ Playday festival celebrates that heritage every September. And every year, a special shirt is made. Known for being edgy, previous designs have mocked environmentalists and hippies. “The shirt in no way, shape or form was intended to be racist, or bigotry and anything along those lines,” said Don Bell, the festival T-Shirt creator. But this year, a brouhaha erupted when Osama bin Laden made the cut on the front of the 2011 T-shirt, strapped to a log, with the caption – “Osama bin Loggin.” …

I have heard, enough times that it makes me vomit, that Osama bin Laden was not a true member of the “Religion of Peace”, but that he hijacked it for his own purposes. In any event, the only muslims (or other liberals) who should be offended by this shirt are (a) those who support Osama bin Laden, agreeing with his goals and methods; and (b) those who think poor sheikh Osama was framed by the CIA and the Mossad for an inside job. And you know what? I honestly don’t give a fuck if any of those groups are offended. In fact, I hope they are.

… A Facebook page for the festival is lighting up with comments for and against the shirts, with accusations of racism, hatred and poor taste. …

IINAR (Islam is not a race). That point needs to be repeated so often that it deserves its own acronym.

… Bell says the money raised from selling the shirts at $15 apiece goes toward college scholarships for local students. “Clothing can be fun, clothing can be disgusting, clothing can be anything you want,” he said. “But this piece of clothing, however you want to take it, is all for the positive for our kids.” More than 350 shirts have already been snatched up, and hundreds more are set to be printed. …

As far as I’m concerned, those lumberjacks can wear whatever they like.

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  1. LC Aggie Sith Says:

    Awesome T-shirt.


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