Isn’t Everything “Commerce”?

Obama thinks that forcing people to buy health insurance – specifically, his health insurance at his prices that covers only what he thinks should be covered and refuses the care that he thinks should be refused – “should not be controversial”… (H/T: WZ)

If the government has a right to control its citizens’ actions in the name of “commerce,” just think about all of the other “non-controversial” things the government can do with the exact same justification… (H/T IMAO)

“If Congress has the power to make you buy health insurance, where does it stop? Then they’d have the power to make you get tattoos, and they’ve got the power to make you wear little yellow stars on your coat sleeves.” –Doug Urbanski

“…If the government can compel people to engage in private economic transactions like… the individual mandate… because it might affect interstate commerce, then imagine if the government had the power to force people to pick cotton in return for room and board…” –ibid

Do you see any controversy? No? Me neither.

2 Responses to “Isn’t Everything “Commerce”?”

  1. LC Aggie Sith Says:

    As we buy auto insurance to drive, do we have to buy health insurance to live, too??

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