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Not Done Until 1/20/2013, Unfortunately

25 July 2011

“My name is Sutekh, the Destroyer. Everywhere I walk, I leave death and destruction. I find that good.”
Doctor Who, “The Pyramids of Mars”

My Work Here Is Done
“My work here is done.” (Picture shamelessly stolen borrowed from Colonel Buckshot, H/T Kosh’s Shadow)

Outrage? Where is your HONESTY?

25 July 2011

Today’s dose of Leftist revisionism and propaganda comes from Where is the Outrage:

GOP Equals Hypocrisy — With Eric Cantor walking out of the high-level debt ceiling negotiation, I thought it’d be interesting to look back and figure out how many times the House Majority Leader and his colleagues voted to raise the debt ceiling under George W. Bush. One would figure, because they are fiscally conservative, they probably only voted to raise the debt ceiling once or twice under the eight-year tenure of George W. Bush. The GOP hypocrites raised the debt ceiling … 7 times … under George W. Bush and not once did they hold the president hostage to debt ceiling negotiations. (H/T: Babbazee)

The bias and motivation are obvious. It’s also obvious that, in order for his claim (that hypocrisy is exclusively a GOP trait) to be true, that the Democrats (including Obama) must have remained consistent on their positions towards the debt ceiling. But since they voted against raising the debt ceiling under Bush, but are rabidly in favor of it now, why is a change of attitude only evidence of hypocrisy when the GOP does it? Surely, on that basis, if hypocrisy exists at all, it must certainly exist on both sides of Congress (and in the White House as well), no?

Of course, that makes the assumption that the situation under Bush then is identical to the situation under Obama now. If the only thing that’s different is that a Democrat (or “a black man”, to quote the deranged Sheila Jackson Lee and others) is in the White House now instead of Bush, and that this is the sole reason for the change in opinion (on both sides); then yes, a claim of hypocrisy may credibly be made (although the claims of racism, lack of patriotism, and so forth also being hurled at the GOP remain unsupported and reprehensible). However, the situation is not identical…


The Three Stooges Would Be Proud

20 July 2011

While liberals smoke pot and giggle as yet another of their own tries to make a “statement” by hitting an opponent in the face with a pie, and the rest of us merely shake our heads at their inability to actually hold a civil dialog or indeed make a cogent point at all, Canada’s National Post sees a problem and leaps to the forefront with a solution. To make sure that the next attempt on Rupert Murdock or some other demon from the Right succeeds, they’ve actually provided these helpful instuctions: (via)


20 July 2011

“I must confess, when I see anyone with an Obama 2012 bumper sticker, I recognize them as a threat to the gene pool.”
— Representative Allen West (R-FL) (H/T: WZ)

When I’m driving, I naturally profile potential threats and keep my distance from them. I never allow drivers who are unable to stay in their lanes to get close to me, I never let myself get stuck behind people who like to hit their brakes at random even when the lights are green and there’s nobody in front of them, and I consider anybody with an Obama 2012 bumper sticker to have two strikes against them. (You get one strike if you’re driving a Prius. Not just any hybrid, but specifically a Prius; because Prius drivers have earned a reputation, in these parts, at least, for driving like idiots and assholes.)

I’d Rather Have a Bottle in Front of Me…

12 July 2011

Another RoboMonkey implementation of a BuzzsawMonkey idea:

Booze: the only ethanol subsidy we need. (If you don’t recognize the reference in the subject line, it’s from this song.)

If You Don’t Put In Your Buck-o-Five, Who Will?

12 July 2011

This picture is a creative collaboration between me and Buzzsawmonkey, who told me: “I had an idea last week for a ‘FREEDOM’ poster: two pix side by side. One of an Iraqi holding up an index finger with purple ink, one of those voting pictures. The other of someone in TSA uniform, holding up a latex-gloved index finger – brown to the middle knuckle.”

(Freedom: just another thing the USA is outsourcing overseas.) In Iraq, the citizens give their government the finger. In Soviet America, government fingers YOU! (I can’t believe I’m doing a Yakov Smirnoff joke in 2011. I’m so ashamed.)

UPDATE: If you don’t recognize the reference in the subject line, it’s from this song.

July Fourth in DC

5 July 2011

This was on the only picture I got of this year’s Independence Day parade in Washington, DC.

Many Bothans died to bring you this blog entry.