Bipartisanship in Oregon

Yahoo News — Jefferson Smith loves a good political joke. Early last year, the then-freshman Oregon House member from Portland was getting ready for bed when he and his wife, Katy, began bantering back and forth about what might be the ultimate political prank, something that could lighten the increasingly divisive political mood among his colleagues. As Smith recalls, the idea came almost instantly. “What if we were to Rick Roll the legislature without anybody noticing?” he wondered. And that was the seed for what may ultimately prove to be one of the most elaborate political jokes of all time: A nearly two-minute long video of members of the Oregon House of Representatives saying the lyrics of Rick Astley’s ubiquitous ’80s pop ballad, “Never Gonna Give You Up,” literally one word or phrase at a time while in session. … But assembling the video was about as tricky an undertaking as as one can imagine. First, Smith had to sell his colleagues on the joke – which wasn’t as hard as he initially feared. … But Smith – who developed the concept with his wife, a few colleagues and several friends, one of whom is video editor – had a few rules about the joke. The lines had to be delivered on the House floor during a lawmaker’s regular floor speech – which is, under Oregon law, videotaped for public records purposes. And the lines of the lyrics had to be spread out, so as not to tip off the state House clerk or other observers to what lawmakers were up to. … In the end, he says, only one fellow legislator – who he won’t identify – “chickened out,” while another lawmaker was filmed saying the Astley lyrics “unwittingly.” The elaborate operation was carried out during a special session of the Oregon legislature in February 2010, when each lawmaker was allotted time to speak on the House floor. …

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