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He’s Lucky Cartman Didn’t Make Him Eat His Own Parents in Chili

29 April 2011

ZGeek — A Virginia man was sentenced Thursday to twenty-five years in prison for trying to help a Somalia militant group and threatening writers of the satirical South Park television show for their depiction of the prophet Mohammad, the U.S. Justice Department said. A federal judge in Virginia handed down the sentence for Zachary Chesser, who pleaded guilty to making threats, soliciting others to threaten violence and material support to the group, al Shabaab. Chesser admitted he ran numerous websites and called for violence against Americans. In one instance he published the home addresses for the writers of South Park after they lampooned Mohammad and he urged readers to “pay them a visit.”

Apparently this guy wasn’t important enough to have his prosecution scuttled by the DOJ in order to advance “muslim outreach.”


Man in UK Arrested for Singing “Kung Fu Fighting”

27 April 2011

The Sun — A pub singer was arrested for alleged “racism” after belting out the chart hit “Kung Fu Fighting” as two Chinese people walked past. One of them complained to cops, who later nicked (arrested) stunned Simon Ledger – in a Chinese restaurant. Simon, 34, often performs the song in Sandown, Isle of Wight. He said: “I hadn’t even seen these two.” Now he fears he could get a criminal record. … Simon, who has performed on TV with Michael Barrymore, was doing a spot with a pal at the town’s Driftwood Beach Bar on Sunday afternoon. … Simon said: “We were performing ‘Kung Fu Fighting,’ as we do during all our sets. People of all races were loving it. Chinese people have never been offended by it before. …” (H/T: iOwnTheWorld)

I guess I need to be more careful. I like that song and have also sung it… and I’ve done the song in the video below he cut as well. Of course, since racism and civil rights prosecutions only go in one direction, no one will ever be prosecuted for singing “Play that funky music, white boy. Lay down the boogie and play that funky music ’til you die” no matter how much it would be treated as a hatey-hate death threat if you replaced “white” with any one of several other adjectives.


Two Completely Unrelated Stories from Weasel Zippers

25 April 2011

Unlike Muslim Holidays of Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr, Hajj, and Eid-ul-Adha, Obama Fails to Issue Proclamation Recognizing Easter

Lightning Strikes White House – Occupant Unharmed

Did smene just fail to take yet another hint?

UPDATE (three days later): Tragedy! Obama’s Favorite Golf Course Hit By Tornado…

Wrong Then, Wrong Now

22 April 2011

I wouldn’t even know when Earth Day was if it weren’t for the mockery I see directed at it. But for a more factual take-down, see I Hate the Media’s “Fifteen Foolish Forecasts: How Did Environmentalists Get It So Wrong On Earth Day 1970?

What was once Earth Day has now morphed into Earth Hour and Earth Week. The success of the celebration can only be explained by the fact that no one ever bothers to go back to check the accuracy of the eco-wackos’ past predictions. For example, the predictions made at the first Earth Day in 1970 were wrong. No, wrong isn’t a strong enough word. They were spectacularly wrong. Let’s cover all the tenses and say they were wrong, they are wrong, and then make our own prediction and say they will be wrong in the future. Need proof? Here are some of the hilarious, remarkably wrong predictions made on Earth Day 1970.


Bipartisanship in Oregon

9 April 2011


Whoring for Attention

8 April 2011

I burned the Quran… onto a CD-ROM. Now what the hell do I do with it?

Muslim Population is Exploding

7 April 2011

Islam is not a race.

(Story H/T: WeaselZippers; Buzzsawmonkey suggested that I make a poster out of it with the caption parodying René Magritte‘s “Ceci n’est pas une pipe.”) Click to enlarge (which is almost always the case with pictures in this blog).

With Bacony Goodness

5 April 2011

As Lindsey Graham (RINO-SC) continues to defend his call to ban the burning of the Quran by equating it to setting an American flag on fire (something liberals have never had a problem with and which has been upheld as protected “free speech” – something the Left is more and more against these days), Ann Barnhardt provides a searing rebuttal. (H/T: iOwnTheWorld)

I Can’t Do Anything Else Without ID…

1 April 2011

I think Colorado only got one mention in my “Grand Theft Democracy” series posted around the 2010 election; but I’d like to believe (or hope) that election crimes have consequences, so it’s good to see some follow-up happening to go after people (or conditions) which contributed to the massive (and almost entirely Democratic) fraud that happened in 2010, with an eye to reducing the chicanery in 2012. After all, some people have described the vote fraud of 2010 as simply a warm-up practice run for Obama’s 2012 campaign.

The Hill — Republicans on the House Administration Committee want to shore up voter registration rules in the wake of a Colorado study that found as many as 5,000 non-citizens in the state took part in last year’s election. Rep. Gregg Harper (R-MS), the panel’s chairman, called the study “a disturbing wake-up call” that should cause every state to review its safeguards to prevent illegal voting. “We simply cannot have an electoral system that allows thousands of non-citizens to violate the law and vote in our elections. We must do more to protect the integrity of our electoral processes,” Harper added. Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler, a Republican, told the panel that his department’s study identified nearly 12,000 people who were not citizens but were still registered to vote in Colorado. Of those non-citizen registered voters, nearly 5,000 took part in the 2010 general election in which Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet narrowly defeated Republican John Buck.

Of course, we know why the GOP is really looking to make sure that only those who are eligible to vote are allowed to vote – raaaaacism!! At least, that’s what we can be expected to hear repeatedly for the next two years (and beyond).

Latest Democratic Scandal

1 April 2011

This internet ad by liberal activists is already causing a furor after only two days. A video is worth a million words, so just watch it and see. Your taxpayer dollars may have funded this… Was it worth it? (H/T: Stacy McCain)

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