True the Vote!

This one is from J. Christian Adams at Pajamas Media:

This past weekend, citizens from across Texas held a summit in Houston to help protect the future integrity of the electoral process. Called “True the Vote,” this amalgam of tea party groups and interested citizens met to learn about how they can fight voter fraud when their governments won’t. … Deputy Assistant Attorney General Julie Fernandes instructed the Department of Justice Voting Section that federal laws requiring voter rolls to be free of ineligible voters won’t be enforced. Former Voting Section Chief Christopher Coates testified that Fernandes and other Obama appointees spiked at least eight investigations into states with voter roll problems. The Obama DOJ hasn’t brought a single case to require a state to remove dead and ineligible felon voters from the rolls. Fernandes spiked these investigations because she is ideologically opposed to enforcing laws protecting election integrity – and she relishes the partisan benefits of inaction. …

Well, of course the Obama Department of “Justice” isn’t going after voter fraud. Not only do the Democrats benefit from it, but they (up to and including Obama himself) work hand-in-hand with the unions and other groups (ACORN) who perpetrate voter fraud. One of George Soros’ little projects was one to get corruption-friendly Democrats (but I repeat myself) elected to the Secretary of State position in as many of the fifty-seven states as possible because they’re the ones who certify the vote. Had the 2010 midterms been conducted without any fraud of malfeasance, the GOP wave would have been even higher.

True the Vote is going nationwide in March with a summit for the rest of the country. … When governments fail to do their job, citizens must rush into the breach. Various federal laws provide citizens the right to act like a privatized attorney general. Section 8 of the Motor Voter law requires states to have only eligible and legal voters on the rolls. Citizens have the legal power to review, and even demand, voter registration data to detect fraud. Yet almost 20 years after Motor Voter was enacted, only left-wing activist groups have utilized the provisions of the law. … Enter True the Vote, formed in Houston, Texas, by citizen activists energized by the rise of the tea party movement. …

The progressives have been pushing things in this country further and further to the left for decades while most of the people slept. However, under Glorious Leader Obama, they moved way to far and way too fast. They have awoken a sleeping giant. There are more of us than there are of them.

Before the 2010 election, True the Vote reviewed thousands of pages of voter data in Houston. They found non-citizens registered to vote, citizens registered at vacant lots, forgeries in registrations, and multiple registrations of the same individuals. These violations of federal and Texas law were forwarded to the Department of Justice as well as Texas authorities. Hopefully, both agencies will take advantage of the hard work of True the Vote and enforce the laws they are charged to enforce. Thus far, nothing has happened.

Not true; anyone and everyone who looked into the voting rolls was painted as a racist who was trying to disenfranchise minority (illegal, dead, fictional, etc.) voters. The Left has a lot invested in their voter fraud operations, and will need them more than ever as they continue to hemorrhage real voters, so all of their organs in the government and media will fight tooth and nail against anyone trying to clean up the process. 2012 will be interesting.


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