Don’t Need an SOTU Drinking Game to Drink

I generally quote Rush (the Canadian band) more often than I quote Rush Limbaugh; but I can’t argue with him here, referring to tonight’s State of the Union pep rally:

“Who wants to sit there and listen to somebody lie for an hour and fifteen minutes?”

“You Lie! I can tell because your lips are moving.”

Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft pointed out that “last year’s address was perhaps Barack Obama’s most dishonest speech to date – where he claimed that Obamacare would not cover abortions, would cut costs and that his main focus for 2010 would be on creating jobs. All lies.” Stilton Jarlsberg, at Hope n’ Change, dissects Obama’s 2010 speech even further, and concludes that the only “words of great truth and importance” that rang out at that event were Joe Wilson’s “You lie!” And while Congressmen are playing musical chairs to avoid segregating themselves by party, in some kind of lame display of civility, some members of the Supreme Court don’t even plan to show up (given that they were personally rebuked, dishonestly and inaccurately, to their faces in last year’s SOTU rant).

So I plan to be part of the growing, bipartisan, civil crowd who simply couldn’t care less. I don’t know what I’ll be doing tonight, but I’m sure I have plenty of better things to do than subject myself to more Obamaganda.

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  1. anarem Says:

    going out for wings and beer…at least if someone mistakenly turns the channel to SOTU, we’ll have plenty to drink!

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