Most Productive Congress

The talking points being parroted throughout the media (and we all know that the MSM coordinates these things) are that the least popular Congress in all the time that polling data has been collected is actually the “most productive Congress” since… well, since whatever hyperbole you feel like shoveling on. (Video H/T: Big Journalism)

It’s not surprising that the Democrats would prefer you judge their legislation on quantity rather than quality. But then, it’s easy to past thousands upon thousands of pages of laws when you can’t be bothered to take the time to read them first.


4 Responses to “Most Productive Congress”

  1. cookielady Says:

    It’s true, they churned out more destructive, evil, greedy, stupid, sneaky, deceptive governmental bull than most. Washington smells to high heaven of manure.

  2. realwest Says:

    You know, there oughta be a law (/) that NO congresscritter can vote for a law that he hasn’t read.
    IIRC, when the U.S. Constitution was passed (including the Bill of Rights, or the First Ten Amendments to the Constitution) it totaled less than 50 pages.
    And ObamaCare was what, 2,700 pages? IMO, when it takes that many pages to write a law, it ought to be thrown out – period. If Congress can’t understand the laws it votes on, how can anyone expect the citizens to abide by that law – not knowing what it actually SAYS.

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