And They Should Know

Staten Island, NY – Many Russian immigrants to the “red borough” of Staten Island are flocking to the Republican Party, saying that the national Democrats’ “socialistic” policies remind them too much of the top-down oligarchy they fled in their native land. With many of the borough’s Russian arrivees already owning businesses and active in civic organizations, their muscle could help the Island GOP solidify electoral gains made this year, when the party took back congressional and Assembly seats. Businessman Arkadiy Fridman said that the newly formed Citizens Magazine Business Club, a confederation of more than 50 Russian-owned businesses here and in Brooklyn, has aligned itself with the Molinari Republican Club (MRC) in an effort to increase the Russian community’s political and economic clout. … Fridman said that the Democrats “are going in an absolutely different direction,” focusing on “income redistribution” and rich-versus-poor “class war.” … The Big Brother approach reminds Fridman too much of what he left behind in the former Soviet Union. … Former Borough President Guy Molinari, the MRC’s namesake, said he’d noticed over the years that Russian immigrants here tended to register Republican. Molinari called the affiliation with MRC “a natural marriage.” State Sen. Diane Savino (D-North Shore/Brooklyn) said she understands the Russian aversion to anything that looks like big government, but thinks the criticism of the Democratic Party is off-base. … “You can’t compare the policies of the Democratic Party with communism. It’s absurd.”

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3 Responses to “And They Should Know”

  1. realwest Says:

    Hey RoboMonkey! I’m not really surprised by this – if you’re gonna live in NYC as a Republcan, then Staten Island is the ONLY boro to live in!
    IIRC, it had the only GOP Congresscritter (Molinaro, first the father, then the daughter) and the first and only boro President to be a Republican.
    But it is a natural place for these immigrants to go, as well. The spirit of independence and individual responsibility has long resided in Staten Island – which, from time to time has threatend to leave NYC and become a part of New Jersey, but NJ was always too blue for them. Now, however, with Chris Christie as Governor, they may rethink that!!
    Great post, btw!!

  2. cookielady Says:

    Absurd! Ridiculous! Unbelievable!

    Uh-huh. Sure, lady. It’s absurd that people who KNOW communism would RECOGNIZE communism.

    Dimwit. “It ain’t so ’cause I say it ain’t so!” No further evidence needed, I guess.

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