Obama Pants Gaffe

I somehow managed to miss this gaffe when it happened back in May; Obama verbally stumbled on his teleprompter while giving a speech and referred to “epantsipation”, which the Urban Dictionary defines thusly:

n. e•pants•i•pa’tion. 1. To free from pants, dungarees, trousers; to pull down someone’s pants against his will.

“Information becomes a distraction, diversion, a form of entertainment rather than a tool of empowerment; rather than a means of epantsipation.”
  Barack H. Obama in a speech to Hampton graduates.

“Let’s epantsipate Joe Biden in the cabinet meeting again this afternoon.”

I was informed of the existence of epantsipation (today’s word of the day) by JCM, who was discussing “Obama’s opinion of an information wild west” and his desire to “epantsipate everyone from too much information which is dangerous to to democracy” in the context of the FCC trying to regulate the internet in order to fix what ain’t broken and grab for the government the one thing that Obama and his progressive allies seek anywhere and everywhere: CONTROL.

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