It’s Not Penumbras, It’s Plain English

(Gun cozies: because happiness is a warm gun.)

Continuing a theme from my last post about people who don’t give a damn what the Constitution actually says, we have Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer telling us that the Second Amendment doesn’t really say what we think it says; or, even if it does, it doesn’t count because James Madison had his fingers crossed or something.

4 Responses to “It’s Not Penumbras, It’s Plain English”

  1. anarem Says:

    hhmmmm, would make a change from knitting, oh say….mittens??? I wonder how the TSA would react to those?

  2. anarem Says:

    The TSA is getting smarter, they simply took away one needle so three dimensional knitting couldn’t be done….she just thinks it got ‘lost’

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