Regarding WikiLeaks

If you have a security clearance, you should probably avoid the WikiLeaks site (assuming you can get through the cyber attacks against it, heh) or going to any site which advertises the fact that it has information from WikiLeaks. This includes reading The Treason Times. Classified information has been stolen and leaked remains classified; it does not become de-classified in the process. Only the government (which classified it in the first place) can deem the information to be un-classified.

If you have a security clearance, you may be asked during an interview if you’ve ever intentionally viewed classified information for which you were not cleared. It’s probably best to be able to answer “No.” If you see information from WikiLeaks on CNN Headline News, the Drudge Report, or mentioned in conversation on a blog, that would not necessarily be your fault if you had not sought out the information. If it’s unintentional, it’s unintentional.

(Just a warning that was sent to me, which some of you may wish to forward on…)

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