TSA Coming to Bus Stations

I wonder how long it’ll be before people are getting groped (by professional security personnel, I mean) on the DC Metro?

Remember Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano hinting on November 22, 2010, that those invasive body searches may be coming to trains, subways, and boats? Well, it is happening. Your friendly TSA goons are now in bus terminals in Florida. Welcome to the UPSA, the United Police States of America. (H/T: Fellowship of the Minds)

I found a few things interesting about this video:

  • No naked scanners (yet), but they are wearing the blue gloves that don’t get changed from person to person and can transmit diseases and parasites.
  • Among the various federal personnel interviewed is “Steve McDonald, US Border Patrol.” People getting on a bus in Florida are not likely to be leaving the country and are hundreds of miles away from either the Mexican or Canadian borders; why aren’t the Border Patrol actually out there patrolling the borders with anywhere near the thoroughness they’re using on American citizens?
  • Funny how they get bomb/drug-sniffing dogs while airports don’t. Must be because this is a Greyhound terminal.
  • The program is called VIPAR: “Visible Intermodal Prevention And Response”. Note the word “Visible” right at the beginning – it’s there because this is yet another variation of the TSA’s Security Theater. They also mention later the security is “on display”.
  • They only showed one passenger giving a (positive) opinion. How many passengers did they have to interview before they got him?

I’m surprised that the TSA’s next move was the private company Greyhound and not the federally run and subsidized Amtrak.

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