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I Hate That Bumper Sticker…

23 November 2010

…however, it works if you chop off the first two characters and just keep the “exist” part.


23 November 2010

“Based on a back of the envelope calculation with a 50 KVp Bremsstrahlung spectrum and the standard mass absorption coefficients for soft tissue, X-ray backscatter machines will, if widely deployed, almost certainly kill far more people than the terrorists they are supposed to protect us from.
TJ Radcliffe

My song didn’t even get into the radiation hazards of the new TSA regimen. Perhaps that’ll be in the sequel…

Another One Bites The Dust

23 November 2010

In Texas’ 27th Congressional district, incumbent (for nearly 28 years) Representative Solomon P. Ortiz (D) conceded late last night to challenger Blake Farenthold (R), bringing the GOP net gain in the House up to +62 (a “wipeout” according to the Zombie scale). (H/T: Big Government) More votes for Ortiz had been miraculously found during the recount, but not enough.

The 112th Congress will (so far; four races remain undecided) have 241 Republican representatives; this is the most representation the GOP has had in the House since 1949.

A Brief History of Invaded Privacy

21 November 2010

The full graphic is below the cut.


Grand Theft Democracy, Part Thirteen

20 November 2010

New York: Oh, for the love of God. More shenanigans are being reported by Legal Insurrection:

Traditionally Republican, the State Senate moved over to the Democrats in 2008, giving Democrats complete control of both houses of the state legislature and the Governor’s office for the first time since the New Deal. In the 2010 mid-terms, however, Republicans made a comeback, and are on the verge of taking back the State Senate. This will have important implications for redistricting. There are a small number of contested races, however. … Two new voting machines were located last night in Buffalo, according to Sen.-elect Mike Gianaris, a Democratic attorney helping his party’s efforts in ballot counting. Incumbent Democratic Sen. Antoine Thompson trails GOP challenger Mark Grisanti by 821 votes, but Gianaris said the new voting machines and how they’ve been handled are a “total disaster” and “complete mess,” adding that lawyers for Thompson are considering legal action that might force a complete recount of paper ballots optically scanned by the machines. … Democrats must win Thompson’s seat, as well as seats held by Sens. Suzi Oppenheimer and Craig Johnson, to maintain a 32-30 majority in the chamber. Oppenheimer is leading her GOP challenger, but Johnson is trailing. …

Additionally, in NY-1 (one of the remaining disputed Congressional races), a hand recount of the votes is showing a “startlingly different total” than the original vote totals recorded by optical scanners:

NBC — When [Democratic Congressman Tim Bishop] went to bed election night, he had a more than thirty four hundred vote lead over [Republican challenger Randy] Altschuler; but, after the numbers were checked late last week, Bishop’s lead vanished. Altschuler now holds a 383 vote advantage. Officials from the Suffolk County Board of Elections refused comment on the cause of the vote count mistakes – but, both Altschuler himself and the Bishop campaign blamed “human error.” … The new computerized voting machines appear to have played a role in the mistakes. Poll workers unfamiliar with the new machines may have simply misread or misreported the numbers coming from them after the polls closed, according to the Bishop and Altschuler camps. Thirty to forty percent of the election districts in this Congressional race had vote count errors, according to a county source. There were similar problems in a tight state Assembly race pitting incumbent Democrat Marc Alessi against Republican Daniel Losquadro. In that race, a forty vote Losquadro lead on election night has ballooned to a more than 890 votes.

Isn’t it amazing how these errors always seem to favor the Democrats? (H/T: Jazz, Hot Air)


Presenting… Sing Along With Airport Security!

18 November 2010

I wrote a song about it, wanna hear it, here it goes…

(To the tune of “Touch Me” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.)

UPDATE: And my wife wrote another song!

Where We Stand

18 November 2010

Although irregularities have been alleged in some of these races, this blog post is not intended to address or recap any of them. This is simply an update on which Congressional races have yet to be decided. (Just a reminder: every single incumbent in these races is a Democrat; so every race which is ultimately won by a Republican will increase the GOP’s net gain – currently standing at +61 – in the House of Representatives.)

California-11: Incumbent Jerry McNerney (D) is ahead by about 1600 votes and has declared victory, but challenger David Harmer (R) has yet to concede and is raising money for a recount, although there remain some votes still to be counted. Both candidates are currently in Washington, DC; McNerney is sitting in the lame duck Congressional session while Harmer is attending orientation briefings for new Congressmen in case he ultimately triumphs.

California-20: This one remains too close to call and both candidates have been ahead at different times. The latest numbers show challenger Andy Vidak (R) leading over incumbent Jim Costa (D), with 100% of precincts reporting; however, absentee and provisional ballots still need to be tallied.

New York-1: The final result will likely not be determined until after Thanksgiving, but challenger Randy Altschuler (R) leads incumbent Tim Bishop (D) by several hundred points; and is also in Washington, DC, attending a new member training session.

New York-25: Challenger Ann Marie Buerkle (R) holds a slight lead over incumbent Dan Maffei (D) as ballot counting continues.

Texas-27: Unofficial results after the election showed challenger Blake Farenthold (R) beating incumbent Solomon P. Ortiz (D) by 797 votes (less than 1%), and a recount is underway.


It’s On

17 November 2010

Next up on the schedule for Fred Phelps’ Westboro Baptist “Church”? Well, from 8-8:30 AM on November 18, 2010:

WBC will picket the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, MI, the largest mosque in North America, to remind the idolatrous, doomed Muslims that Mohammed was a pedophile and a false prophet. Like most other false religious systems of modern doomed America, Islam teaches rebellion against the Lord Jesus Christ. Muslims claim Christ was merely a prophet and that He did not die and live again. They claim His blood is not sufficient or even necessary for salvation. They shall learn the truth when Christ himself returns!

So, who’s making the popcorn? This should be fun! (H/T: Paladin Phil. Note that I refuse to link to GodHatesFagsdotcom directly. Image from a discontinued/deleted webcomic named Malfunction Junction.)

Bankrupting America

17 November 2010

You Gonna Get Groped

17 November 2010

Continuing the Fly the Sexual Abuse Skies topic (check the comments there for several updates), we only have one piece of good news: Muslims are not going to get a religious exemption to TSA screenings. Apparently even our government is incapable of breaking that far from reality (at least, not after the recent elections). As it turns out, there’s no law requiring airports to use TSA security personnel; so Minneapolis airport has apparently hinted that it’s considering private screeners instead of TSA. Not that this is a cause for optimism, since private screeners would be unlikely to be too different or more effective than the TSA. If they actually tried common-sense procedures (including profiling) they’d be sued back into the stone age by Islamic groups like CAIR (who’ve only recently left the stone age and thus know the way). They’d certainly never be able to adopt the procedures used by Israel which make them the safest in the world without requiring airport security to physically count the number of testicles each man is carrying.

(Picture H/T: Iowahawk)

Former TSA security director Mo McGowan admits that the Fourth Amendment is being violated but insists “we’re going to have to do it” anyway. The TSA is actually investigating John Tyner, threatening fines over $10,000, for refusing to be searched and leaving the airport. Others are bringing suits against the TSA:

“In one shocking incident, TSA goons pulled down woman’s blouse, exposing her breasts, and laughed about it.”

And this is all before the latest expansion of TSA procedures which allows them to put their hands down your pants. As someone observed, we’ve been getting screwed by the government for years – now they’re finally giving us foreplay.


Grand Theft Democracy, Part Twelve

16 November 2010

Seriously, people, this had better not drag out as long as Bush-Gore 2000. One Senate race, one state Governor, and six House races remain to be determined.

Alaska: Although the media and other have already come to the conclusion that Lisa Murkowski has won Alaska’s Senate race, based on her lead in write-in votes, the absentee military ballots have not even finished arriving yet much less been counted – so Joe Miller (R) has yet to concede. Given that both camps seem to have gone overboard in establishing which write-in votes were and were not acceptable, one wonders what kind of battle is yet to come over the military ballots. Update: DOJ’s Military Voting Mess Continues Post-Election, but Congress Now Paying Attention.

Illinois: Another update as incumbent Representative Melissa Bean (D-IL8) has conceded the race to challenger Joe Walsh (R). This puts the GOP net gain in the House up to sixty-one. The final margin was about 300 votes.

Washington: Michelle Malkin reports that the open-borders One America Votes operated an illegal political committee.

Before the midterm election, the open-borders group (funded by Soros, SEIU, and the usual prog suspects) sent out illegal alien canvassers to drum up Democrat votes in Washington state. … My friend and Washington state blogger/watchdog Stefan Sharkansky – who has successfully exposed election fraud before – scoured campaign finance records and found that OAV apparently failed to file as a registered political committee. He has sent a formal complaintto the state Public Disclosure Commission. … Although the group was clearly raising and spending massive sums to intervene in state election campaigns, it didn’t register with the PDC or report its receipts and expenditures. Major illegal. … Nor is it registered with the FEC. Some might wonder whether the group is protected under Citizens United. Not from Washington’s state disclosure laws. From federal disclosure only if it’s genuinely qualified to operate as a 501(c)(4), which looks doubtful.

Of course, using illegal aliens to canvass voters is just a first step to converting all of those illegal aliens into Democratic voters – that is, those that aren’t already voting for Democrats anyway despite their illegal status.


Ah, If Only (Repost)

16 November 2010