There Can Be Only One

California: Incumbent Representative Jerry McNerney (D) has been re-elected to a third term in California’s eleventh House district, defeating challenger David Harmer (R). The San Francisco Chronicle points out that “[McNerney’s] re-election means [that] no California congressional seat changed party hands.” That sad bit of trivia underscores how far separated from the rest of the country, and reality, California has drifted. But that’s OK; they’re sure that the rest of us will still bail out their bankrupt behinds.

New York: The last House race remaining is in New York’s first district. Incumbent Representative Tim Bishop (D) narrowly leads challenger Randy Altschuler (R) by 235 votes. According to the Riverhead Local: “2,051 ballots remain to be counted. That’s the total number of ballots challenged by both candidates during the counting process begun last Monday. A State Supreme Court judge will decide which of those challenged ballots will be counted and which will be set aside. Both parties will appear in Judge Peter Meyer’s Riverhead courtroom on Nov. 30 to address all challenged ballots.” So we may have an answer as soon as tomorrow, depending on how quickly a ruling is made, and whether or not both parties accept that ruling. If Altschuler is the victor, that will increase the GOP’s net gain in the 2010 midterm elections to +64.

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