Just Arson Around

Another attempted terrorist has been caught; this one had planned to “blow up a van full of explosives during a Christmas-tree-lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon.” The federal government was on the ball while the city of Portland was shown the idiocy of their ways (a lesson which they may or may not learn from):

Internet Scofflaw — We haven’t been told exactly how the FBI became aware of Mohamud’s contacts with the Pakistani terrorists (and well we shouldn’t have), but it seems likely that the government intercepted their messages. Communications such as those, between foreign terrorists and Americans, are the ones we most need to know about. They are also the ones that the left feels strongly we shouldn’t listen to. … There’s one additional wrinkle in this story: The city of Portland voted in 2005 not to cooperate with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force. Portland is now reconsidering that decision, but even now they won’t admit they were wrong. Rather, the mayor says he feels better about it now that Obama is president. (H/T: Instapundit)

Following upon the heels of this story is the news of attempted arson at the mosque where the bomber attended. Naturally, CAIR is on the scene decrying this “hate crime” against muslims and the locals are said to be “fearing a backlash.”

Oregon Live — The fire was reported at about 2:15 a.m. today. Corvallis Fire Department spokeswoman Carla Pusateri said the fire was intentionally set, but would not say what led investigators to the conclusion. … The fire was contained to one room in the mosque, an office, which was 80 percent damaged and there were no injuries. It took firefighters about 10 minutes to put out the fire.

So far, many so-called anti-muslim “hate crime” arsons were actually set by muslims. I suspect that this one was also set by muslims, in order to (a) change the subject in the compliant media away from the attempted attack, and (b) destroy any incriminating records at the mosque ahead of any investigations (since the fire was set in the mosque’s office, and the rest of the building, including the “worship areas”, was untouched). Anyone trying to burn down the mosque wouldn’t have broken into the building and gone straight to the office, setting a single small fire there (that took ten minutes to put out!), and left the rest of the building untouched. Seems obvious to me, and consistent with past fake “hate crimes”.

Oh, and the would-be terrorist’s name was Mohamed Osman Mohamud. Can we stop groping nuns, three-year-olds, and rape victims (whose only crime was “flying while menstruating”) yet?!

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