Lip Service

This from one of my favorite political webcomics:

The Top Ten Ways Obama Really Got Stitches In His Lip:

10.   Didn’t know basketball isn’t a Korean “war game.”
9.   One too many “Yo Mama” jokes aimed at Hispanic congressional aide.
8.   Mirror shattered during unusually passionate kiss.
7.   Was triple-dog dared to touch lip to frozen pole.
6.   Chafing from kissing so many unions’ asses.
5.   Prayer rug burn.
4.   Bill Clinton “lip biting” lesson gone wrong.
3.   Wanted to try ObamaCare.
2.   Bit lip trying not to say “Don’t jump to conclusions” about Oregon terror suspect named Mohamed Mohamud.

…and coming in at number one:

1.   Told Michelle her yams were dry!

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