Where We Stand

Although irregularities have been alleged in some of these races, this blog post is not intended to address or recap any of them. This is simply an update on which Congressional races have yet to be decided. (Just a reminder: every single incumbent in these races is a Democrat; so every race which is ultimately won by a Republican will increase the GOP’s net gain – currently standing at +61 – in the House of Representatives.)

California-11: Incumbent Jerry McNerney (D) is ahead by about 1600 votes and has declared victory, but challenger David Harmer (R) has yet to concede and is raising money for a recount, although there remain some votes still to be counted. Both candidates are currently in Washington, DC; McNerney is sitting in the lame duck Congressional session while Harmer is attending orientation briefings for new Congressmen in case he ultimately triumphs.

California-20: This one remains too close to call and both candidates have been ahead at different times. The latest numbers show challenger Andy Vidak (R) leading over incumbent Jim Costa (D), with 100% of precincts reporting; however, absentee and provisional ballots still need to be tallied.

New York-1: The final result will likely not be determined until after Thanksgiving, but challenger Randy Altschuler (R) leads incumbent Tim Bishop (D) by several hundred points; and is also in Washington, DC, attending a new member training session.

New York-25: Challenger Ann Marie Buerkle (R) holds a slight lead over incumbent Dan Maffei (D) as ballot counting continues.

Texas-27: Unofficial results after the election showed challenger Blake Farenthold (R) beating incumbent Solomon P. Ortiz (D) by 797 votes (less than 1%), and a recount is underway.

Those are all the races left outstanding in the House of Representatives. The final Senate race in Alaska has been called by the AP for write-in incumbent Lisa Murkowski (RINO), but Joe Miller (R) has thus far refused to concede; and the Minnesota Gubernatorial race remains undecided with Mark Dayton (D) leading by 9000 votes over Tom Emmer (R), but with a recount scheduled for November 29. The current governor of Minnesota is a Republican, Tim Pawlenty; so if Dayton wins, it will be a net loss for the GOP.

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