Presenting… Sing Along With Airport Security!

I wrote a song about it, wanna hear it, here it goes…

(To the tune of “Touch Me” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.)

UPDATE: And my wife wrote another song!


31 Responses to “Presenting… Sing Along With Airport Security!”

  1. PaladinPhil Says:

    Bravo, Bravo. Encore, Encore!!!!!

  2. pbird Says:

    Holy Cow! Hysterical.

  3. Skookum Via Lobos Says:

    When will we see an album?

  4. buzzsawmonkey Says:

    Viva the Monkey Caucus!

  5. Running Bare Says:

    Viva Le’ C2 Monkey Caucus

  6. Running Bare Says:

    Sing Along with the TSA!

    Via C2’s Twitter… 🙂

  7. redstateredneck Says:

    BRAVO! ! ! I’m gonna play it again with a dedication to Big Sis Napolitano.

  8. RoboMonkey Says:

    Hellooooooo, iOwnTheWorld and Virtuous Republic!

  9. Sadie Says:


  10. Gawagaw Says:

    Awesome, Brad & Janet would love it.

  11. anarem Says:

    I posted it on Hillbuzz!

  12. squatch Says:

    I’m LMAO here.

    Excellent work again.

  13. theMachiavellian Says:

    Posted your song. Did you write, sing, and play on this song?

  14. themadjewess Says:

    HAHAHAHA, our nation is falling apart, may as well lol.

    • RoboMonkey Says:

      Imagine fifty people a day, I said fifty people a day, walking in, singing a bar of “Grope Me”, and walking out again… They might think it’s a movement…

      -Arlo Guthrie, paraphrased

  15. Laurel L. Russwurm Says:


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  17. willblogforlols Says:

    What NOT to say to Frank-N-Furter, er – the TSA – during a pat down.

  18. roblorinov Says:

    EXCELLENT! BRAVO! BRAVO! You are GENIUS! I hope dammit….Janet Napolitanovich watches this over and over until she gets the point that we STILL have RIGHTS and don’t live in the Nazi USA…yet!

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  20. Bunkerville Says:

    Nailed it! Encore…thanks for stopping by.

  21. onegirlriot Says:

    gave you a stumbleupon thumbs up.

  22. Robin Says:

    Hey, what’s the matter with giving away our liberties and spending money to grow government entities to distribute exemplary government pensions by implementing rules and regulations that only foster false security in a pretense to appease the masses, I ask?

    Writing songs and creating videos in revolt is just…downright American! I like it.

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    […] song was written, recorded, and animated by my wife in a single morning. God, I love her. Like the last one, it’s “dedicated to the drooling perverts of the Transportation Security […]

  24. Rich Says:


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