Grand Theft Democracy, Part Twelve

Seriously, people, this had better not drag out as long as Bush-Gore 2000. One Senate race, one state Governor, and six House races remain to be determined.

Alaska: Although the media and other have already come to the conclusion that Lisa Murkowski has won Alaska’s Senate race, based on her lead in write-in votes, the absentee military ballots have not even finished arriving yet much less been counted – so Joe Miller (R) has yet to concede. Given that both camps seem to have gone overboard in establishing which write-in votes were and were not acceptable, one wonders what kind of battle is yet to come over the military ballots. Update: DOJ’s Military Voting Mess Continues Post-Election, but Congress Now Paying Attention.

Illinois: Another update as incumbent Representative Melissa Bean (D-IL8) has conceded the race to challenger Joe Walsh (R). This puts the GOP net gain in the House up to sixty-one. The final margin was about 300 votes.

Washington: Michelle Malkin reports that the open-borders One America Votes operated an illegal political committee.

Before the midterm election, the open-borders group (funded by Soros, SEIU, and the usual prog suspects) sent out illegal alien canvassers to drum up Democrat votes in Washington state. … My friend and Washington state blogger/watchdog Stefan Sharkansky – who has successfully exposed election fraud before – scoured campaign finance records and found that OAV apparently failed to file as a registered political committee. He has sent a formal complaintto the state Public Disclosure Commission. … Although the group was clearly raising and spending massive sums to intervene in state election campaigns, it didn’t register with the PDC or report its receipts and expenditures. Major illegal. … Nor is it registered with the FEC. Some might wonder whether the group is protected under Citizens United. Not from Washington’s state disclosure laws. From federal disclosure only if it’s genuinely qualified to operate as a 501(c)(4), which looks doubtful.

Of course, using illegal aliens to canvass voters is just a first step to converting all of those illegal aliens into Democratic voters – that is, those that aren’t already voting for Democrats anyway despite their illegal status.

This is why, after the “shellacking” the Democrats received two weeks ago and their otherwise dismal prospects for 2012, they are more eager than ever to sneak the DREAM Act through during the lame duck session to bring all of those new Democrat voters out into the open.

The measure provides a path to citizenship for young illegal immigrants who attend college for two years or join the military.

That “two years” requirement is going to be cutting things close for Election Day 2012, although I’m sure there will be plenty of liberal judges ready to rule that 20 months or so is “close enough”; and illegals are already eligible for in-state tuition in California (just to make things easier for them). And who knows? If the military does become a pathway for illegal aliens to become Democratic voters, maybe in the future the Democrats will actually make sure that the military get their ballots on time!


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  1. pbird Says:

    I’m in Washington state. Nothing much that I vote for ever passes.

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